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9 Walters St, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196

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What we do

Spritzed is an online marketplace that connects small and medium sized businesses to great flexible workspace. Our goal since is to make finding and booking short-term space an easy and transparent process.

Why Work For Us

We know firsthand about the challenges startups face…. Challenges that are the foundation of innovation. We’re here to find talented people (yes, you read that right - people) that are looking to build interesting, innovative solutions to challenging problems. We as entrepreneurs, developers, designers, architects, and adventurers love the idea of travel; day-to-day flexibility in our practices; agility to go with the flow; self-expression; collaboration; and of course, innovation.

We love the idea of being able to support a community that struggles in a volatile space, be it freelancers trying to meet new clients, growing startups, looking to expand, or just a meeting place to share ideas and contribute to the broader entrepreneurial community. We enable and empower entrepreneurs by allowing them to find their business a home or meet-up space within a few clicks.

We’re doing this by building Africa’s largest marketplace for flexible workspace. We aim to make space discovery exciting all the way from searching to booking your very first space - a space that matches you an your culture.

Our stack involves the latest JS, and cloud technologies, and we’re looking to bleeding edge technology to help us go where only few dare… With the advent of AI to make smart searches, culture match-making, and the ability to automate, we’re aiming to build an intelligent, intuitive, and most important, sexy, platform that is so easy to use, even your grandma will want to book a space just to experience it.

But, enough about us!!! We want to know about you. If you are passionate about our challenging the status quo, have a passion for our mission to be the leader in PropTech, highly motivated to succeed and ready to make an impact on your own growth as well as ours, please get in touch. We’d love to speak to you…

Our Culture

We’re all about passion, a passion for helping others, growing each other, and being part of a bigger picture on a global scale. We know as techies that we have a need to express ourselves in the way we write code, share creative ideas to complex problems, and make decisions on a daily basis… but we also want to be a part of something that can really make a difference, whether it is to the tech community, the entrepreneurial community, or even something closer to home.. We all have things that matter to us.

We believe that open communication, accountability, creativity, curiosity, and freedom are the values we hold dearest and are shown in the way we conduct ourselves in our business, and with each other. We are all people, we make mistakes, we learn, we grow, we experience, we challenge, and we live.

We also understand the responsibility that each person has in our growing business. We believe that we should challenge each other to reach new heights not only for our own growth, but for the overall growth of the new and upcoming PropTech industry, and we’re ready to be at the top….

We have no fuss dress-code, as long as you’re comfortable and happy, we’re happy. Our office hours are flexible, as is our remote work policy… what really matters are the promises you make and keep… as long as you’re able to deliver to your promises, communicate day to day challenges, and help us reach our goals by reaching your own… We're not just about thinking about our potential, but continue to discover, live and make it a reality.

Our Engineering Processes

As with our culture, and who we are… agility is key… the ability to move quickly in changing markets, use bleeding edge tech, and produce innovative, performant solutions to new challenges in this field is an absolute game changer for us.

In order for us to progress and evolve, we employ empirical agile methodologies for achieving continuous adaptation and self-awareness in our work. We use SCRUM with daily stand-ups, weekly or bi-weekly sprints, slack, Google Meets, and sometimes email (yes, people use this still) to regularly keep in touch.

Every day there is an opportunity to communicate where you are and where you’re heading, and any challenges you may be facing, every discussion is open to the team, and everyone has a chance to contribute on any area.

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