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SOLTRAK is a service designed to give renewable energy owners complete visibility into the performance of their assets, developed to demystify performance metrics and communicate a clear answer to the question - is my asset performing as well as it should be?

What we do and why we do it
Track energy assets. Where the decision to go green is clear, the performance of your green asset may not be. Like all investments, tracking performance is essential.
SOLTRAK provides a multi-functional service that makes transparent/clear the output expectation of a renewable asset at its outset, and then tracks the actual delivered energy, comparing the difference.
Our advanced Data Processor is able to account for varied weather conditions, loadshedding and on-site load changes to arrive at an energy value achievable by the asset. Our platform is there whenever you need it, accessible at your workstation or on your smartphone. With the push of a button, performance tracking at your fingertips.

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