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About us:

Sokowatch is an American domiciled company with both American and African investor ownership. Sokowatch was founded on the principle that access to quality essential goods and services should not just be a privilege of the few, but a right accorded to all peoples. With this principle in mind, we launched operations in Nairobi in 2015 and have since expanded to 9 cities across 4 East African Countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, & Uganda). We have plans to continue to deepen our networks in these countries from Urban cities to rural areas, as well as broaden our reach across sub-Saharan Africa. We believe our model eliminates inefficiencies in the distribution of essential goods and services, thus ultimately resulting in lower prices to both the “Duka” (informal retailer) and the end consumer. These efficiency gains create a powerful multiplier effect by increasing the proportion of disposable income the average consumer has to spend on non-essential goods and services, resulting in broader and more sustainable economic development.

Value proposition:

If you place your order with us before 2pm, we will deliver it to you on the same day for free at a price that is below a wholesaler.


Transform communities across Africa by revolutionizing access to essential goods and service

What do we do:

Sokowatch sits at the intersection between FMCG (Fast-moving Consumer Goods) Manufacturers/Distributors and Dukas. For the manufacturers, the cost of managing a fragmented supply chain that supports key distributors, wholesalers, Dukas and supermarkets is too high and complicated. These challenges are especially acute with regards to serving the Dukas market, as these Dukas tend to buy small quantities and operate in areas off the main roads. Sokowatch provides a one-stop-shop solution to these manufacturers by ensuring consistent availability of stock at competitive prices to these Dukas, who are critical to the manufacturers’ strategy of reaching the least served consumers.

The duka is central to the communities in which it operates, however, due to its size, is unable to negotiate fair pricing and free delivery to the shops. Thus, the duka has to spend extra time and money to organize their shop supply chain. However, with Sokowatch the Duka is guaranteed the following services: competitive & transparent pricing and free, same-day delivery. Dukas that use the Sokowatch service end up saving an estimated 10-20% in operating costs relative to Dukas that operate outside of our network.

In addition to the basic services (logistics + price transparency), Dukas that grow in our network get to benefit from access to standardized in-kind working capital that allows them to grow their business without concern for hidden fees or exorbitant interest rates. As these business owners mature in our ecosystem, we also introduce them to other financial services (eg. Asset Financing & insurance), as well as provide them with business management tools (eg. inventory management systems) that allow them to invest in their business and operate both more efficiently and safely.

The services we provide to the Duka are all aimed at driving increased operational efficiency, thus lowering their costs of operating- translating into higher profits for the duka owner as well as likely more affordable prices for their customers.


Be an owner: This is our company, all of us together. Hustle and think on behalf of the entire team and our customers, beyond your own role. We don’t make excuses if something is not working we work together to get the job done
The best idea wins: We evaluate ideas on merit and data, not based on who said it.
Unlock potential: Support our team members, customers and their communicates to reach their full potential
Respect our family: We have a diverse team and diverse customers. We must learn from each other, from top to bottom to understand how we can best serve our customers and support each other. We treat others the way we would like to be treated. Our diversity is our strength.

Sokowatch at a glance

Raised $16 million in investment
Operate in 9 major cities in East Africa
Built a network of over 16,000 informal retailers
Distributed e-vouchers to over 2,300 households to support with covid relief efforts
14% growth MOM

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