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Top Floor, Ash House, Olivedale Office Park Cnr. Olive Street and Lima Road, Randburg

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What we do

Smoke Customer Intelligence, or Smoke CI for short, is a coalescence of talent that came together under our founders’ vision to make both South Africa, and the world at large, pay attention to the little guy, and give zestful service at every possible opportunity.

At the heart of it, we help large organisations (those big hippopotamuses - hippopotami if you are a wordsmith) identify how they are peeing off their loyal paying customers.

How do we do we achieve such a magnificent feat. Sorcery? No. Subliminal mind control? No. Bribery? Hell No!
The answer is “Team work and Eyerys”!

What is Eyerys?
Whew! We’re so glad you asked! Firstly Eyerys is pronounced “iris” as in your “inner eye” – easy huh?

This eye-popping, award winning software platform that the super bright geniuses here craft and mould each day is the magical system that asks the little guy how well the big guy is treating him, using a survey.

Mind you, not just any survey; we have a way to survey you on just about any platform or thingy you can think of. More than any other survey platform in the world. True story.

Eyerys is best “experienced” to understand what makes it so addictive to our customers, but if you are short on time and don’t happen to be next to someone who can give you a demo then maybe head on over to www.smokeci.com to learn more.

Why Work For Us

We're all about learning tons and growing as individuals while making a massive dent in the world of Customer Feedback. If you love working with extraordinary-super-brilliant people and growing your personal skillzzz set then you will probably love working with us (keep in mind that skillzzz sets at Smoke CI include "Finding the BFG in E3M3 of Doom).

We constantly love pushing the boundaries of what our tech can do and what tech we can leverage which means we find ourselves having to learn new things constantly. This is a hairy challenge for some but for us it's what gets us out of bed in the mornings!

Our Culture

“The true measure of success will be the number of people touched and transformed by our success” – Angela Ahrents

Our company culture is something of a team culture.
We build the trust and respect with everyone so that we can have open and honest conversations about our work. We value everyone's input, and hold each other accountable when it counts. We seek only the cream of the crop, so that the individuals within a team can lean on each other with the same kind of trust you have in a family member. We look for talent that is keen to learn, hell bent on innovating, eager to contribute to a greater purpose and ready to leave their mark on the world through determination and their raw gifts.

We're in the game of measuring, so we know that measuring what you do is important! To check our culture each year, we conduct an external culture audit just to make sure we haven't lost the plot while are heads were down making magic. Here’s a sneak peak of what our team thought about the company in recent history (percentages are indicative of staff in agreement):

  • Our workplace is a happy and safe place to work. : 89%
  • We constantly seek opportunities to improve ourselves, our service and production. :89%
  • We thrive on talking about growth, improvement and innovation. :86%
  • Our organisation values the inclusion of all individuals' input and ideas. :89%

Our Engineering Processes

If Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Test Driven Development, code coverage, microservices, unit tests, mongoDB, Golang, “keep it DRY!”, “can you put that in rabbit?”, “rubber ducking”, “microbatching” and “...wow, this is a big DB” gets you hot under the collar, then you’re in the right company. We continually push ourselves to create code that Robert Cecil Martin would be proud of!

Added to this, we take time for “research days” where team members get to hack and fry their brain on any subject and then present and share it with the team. This keeps our noggins full of ideas and helps us innovate at every turn.

Our Hiring Process

So you’ve read everything this far or maybe you just skipped to the end – it’s OK, this is where the "code hits the compiler" anyway.
Our hiring process is typically extensive but we understand that developers are not the type of people with oceans of time on their hands and we understand that measuring what makes you so magical and awesome is really difficult. So to keep this process moving we have simplified it to the following steps:

  1. A phone call with the team lead of the Software Dev team. A 30-minute discussion with no trick questions. We spend this time understanding who you are, and what makes you tick.
    1. Technical Test. This is completed at home, at your leisure, and while it won't be able to tell us everything about your strengths, it's a good way to showcase a grasp of development concepts. Duration is between 45mins and 3 hours.
  2. Here we ask some basic technical questions about what kind of exposure you have had in the past. We also look to see if you will fit into our unique and passionate culture.
  3. Final interview. Here some non-technical folk will join the party- our CEO will typically meet you at this point, and ask a few questions of his own.
  4. Offer Stage. Provided we're on the same page salary-wise, we usually progress through this phase in quick order.
Flexible Working Hours
Study/ learning budgets
Company social committee managed by the staff to decide how we do social events
Research / Hack Day once a month
Amazing company culture and office vibe
20 Days total leave on average.
Relaxed dress code
Flexible Leave Policy
Death and Disability Policy
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