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We believe AI to be the single most transformative technology of our time. Artificial intelligence and machine learning create unprecedented new ways to live and do business. With expertise and insights from the real world, we build products which automate processes, detect anomalies or predict outcomes. And we’re growing our teams!

Slimmer AI develops software products that support industries, solves real-world challenges and takes professionals into the future. We help professionals focus on what matters. Slimmer AI products ‘learn’ and get smarter over time, freeing up you and your team to do less routine, repetitive work. Spend your efforts on important decisions, and on the work where your expertise can add the most value – leveraging the best of both machines and people.

Financial Risk & Compliance Team

The financial system is facing serious challenges. Banks and payment service providers are struggling to meet the requirements of regulators, and current Know Your Customer & Anti-Money Laundering solutions are falling short of needs. At the root of financial crime are felonies involving drugs, human trafficking and terrorism.

But there’s hope! AI and machine learning offer the promise to effectively catch criminals. The Financial Risk and Compliance team at Slimmer AI is building cutting-edge AI software products to help financial institutions meet pressing regulatory requirements, reduce false positives, maximize their customer experience, and fight financial crime.

Science Team

The Scientific Information industry is at the forefront of the next technological revolution. As part of a long-term exclusive collaboration with one of the world’s leading Scientific Information providers, we leverage our AI technology to develop innovative pilots which turn into operationalized products; helping them to solve some of the biggest challenges facing their business.

Venture Labs

Our long history of applied AI has resulted in 100+ successful AI projects and two successful business units (Science and Sentinels). We're taking this 'Lab-to-Impact' approach to the next level in our innovation and venture studio, Slimmer Labs.

Slimmer Labs creates, builds, and scales people-powered B2B AI solutions. We achieve this by leveraging both our past and our present: Significant experience in deploying AI solutions, an extensive network of successful entrepreneurs and a talented team of in-house innovators with a passion for product development.

A fun, innovative, entrepreneurial environment; personal responsibility with a ton of autonomy; a chance to see your work make a *real* difference in the *real* world; fun-hangouts with brilliant people, and lots of cake! (These engineers really do love cake…)
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