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Head Office at Block G & H Capital Place, Techno Park, Stellenbosch, 7600

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Skynamo is on a mission to build a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

Skynamo is committed to drive growth and innovation in the tech community.

We are Skynamo

We help change the sales conversation between managers and their teams from one based on doubt and uncertainty to one based on transparency and trust.

Skynamo provides competitive edge in growing health and wellness industry

Outside sales platforms enable producers and distributors of nutritional and fitness products and other services in the health and wellness industry to grow their market share.

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Skynamo recognized as field sales software leader

We’re proud to be named among G2’s Industry Leaders for Spring 2021! What does this mean, who rated us, and who were we up against?

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The Field Sales app for managers and their teams.

Skynamo is a Field Sales management and productivity app used by hundreds of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers with sales teams in the field visiting customers on a regular basis.

Using mobile, location and cloud technology, to provide real-time customer, stock and sales information, Skynamo Field Sales app empowers sales teams with the information, analytics and freedom to perform, and out-perform company targets and industry norms.

It increases sales efficiency with tools and data analytics to support effective planning, management and decision making. Our clients experience an increase in sales – volume and frequency - within months of implementation.

Skynamo supports clients looking to get more out of their sales teams by creating transparency around activities in the field and their impact on the bottom line. Our clients can take action to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their field workers. Ultimately, this leads to sales managers and directors having the time, information and resources to ask and answer, more strategic questions which result in smarter, more innovative sales strategies.

Competitive salary and benefits package
Lots of leave
Social culture, lunch or dinner in the office every day and social hour each Friday
Being part of a team that has a measurable and direct impact on Skynamo’s success
Working in a high-energy, fast-moving and fun environment where decisions are made quickly and team input is encouraged
Financial benefits such as retirement investment matching and access to SmartFunder, a service that assists employees with children pay school fees in a tax-efficient way
A challenging and fun working environment that prioritizes learning and development as well as action
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon EC2
Amazon VPC
.Net Core 2.0




Amazon SES

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