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What we do

SiteCare offers a holistic, data-driven approach to managing and growing your brand online. With clients around the globe, we specialize in delivering a world-class level of service administered by our trustworthy, knowledgeable team of professionals.

Why Work For Us

Our fully-distributed team understands the value of delivering a superb client experience for web development and digital marketing, while also understanding that a company is made of a humans. SiteCare listens to its team members and is constantly working to improve processes, workflows, team communication, while also being mindful of each team member's unique personal situations and needs to recharge.

Our Culture

We take joy in the quality of our work, and hold regular online activities as a team to play games and continue to get to know each other better. We have weekly trivia and even a tipping system to reward coworkers with real money when they help us out or deliver in a big way. We do have regional meetups with our teams as well, and hope to one day have everyone together in our global team. We're fortunate to work with many well-known creators and brands, and are always mindful of the unique opportunity we have to help build and promote some of these elite publishers and companies.

Our team operates with four core values that drive everything that we do:

  1. We deliver 101%
  2. We empower others to do their best
  3. We practice obsessive communication
  4. We strive for endless improvement

Our Engineering Processes

Our engineering team is small, but mighty. Our Client Success team is made up of highly technical personnel who help support our team of developers in a big way. Our work consists of everything from proactive maintenance and support, to building custom integrations between WordPress and other 3rd party software. We do work on some projects at a very large scale, like stores processing millions in transactions per year, to websites serving up to 5,000 concurrent visitors, so best practices are top of mind for our team at SiteCare. There's always room for improvement, but delivering the best quality work we can is always a high priority for us.

Our Hiring Process

We have a three stage hiring process:

  1. We have an initial call to meet the candidate and get to know them better. We also use this opportunity to discuss more specifics about the role day to day establish if there's still mutual interest.
  2. If we determine we want to move forward, we hire the candidate for a very small (2-6 hour) paid project where we can learn about their process, how they approach work, and the quality of the work they produce.
  3. Assuming all goes well in the technical review, we have a final conversation regarding compensation packages, potential start dates, and to answer any other questions related to what it would be like to join SiteCare. Then we would recommend the candidate for hire and would extend an offer.
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