About Sinov8 Software Solutions


1st Floor, 10 Bateleur Park, Pasita Street Rosenpark, Bellville, 7530

Company Size


What we do

Sinov8 is a Proptech/Fintech company specializing in solutions for the real estate industry to make agencies more scalable and profitable by leveraging technology.

We draw on our years of previous experience as rental agents to really bring an edge to the software we develop. We have more than 750 Property Companies in South Africa already using our products including the likes of Just property, Rawson, Harcourts, Only Realty, Jawitz etc. and the list of testimonials and good feedback is way too long to put in here.

Why Work For Us

We believe our Company is still small enough so that you can have an influence and really not just be a number, but established enough to provide job security and lots of opportunities for growth and innovation.
Also when you work at Sinov8, you'll be inspired to think outside of the box and solve problems in creative ways.

Our Culture

We are quite an easy-going bunch and we have a lot of fun in the office. However, we do work hard and strive to be better every day. We believe in being honest and real with each other and respect each other for the work we do and the roles each of us play, but everyone helps out with anything that needs to get done under pressure and nothing is beneath anyone. If the CEO can make coffee for his team, or handle reception from time to time, we think that says something about our belief system and the humility with which we approach day-to-day life.

Our Hiring Process

We would typically like to have an initial interview where you can tell us more about who you are and we'll share some of our experience as well. During this first interview, we really want to get to know you as a person more than anything else. However, we will likely ask you to think on your feet and maybe solve a quick problem or 2. Nothing too intense.

Typically we'll then send you a technical assignment and arrange a second interview where we'd like you to demonstrate some of your skills and specifically the skills we are looking for so we might ask you to whip up one or two pieces of code in the interview, so we can make sure you can operate under a little bit of pressure.

If you impress us here we'll set up 2 more interviews for you. 1 with our business coach who you will also have access to once you start working with us, and the second one with the existing team (so you can get some real input on what it's really like to work for us.)

If the all-around feedback is positive we'll typically send you an offer which we can discuss further if you wish to do so, or alternatively, you can accept the offer and we can start planning your onbaording. :-)

Our Technical Team

Currently, our team consists of:

  • 1 x CTO / Solutions Architect
  • 1 x MD/CEO Mid-level full stack dev
  • 1 x Mid Level Full stack + Mobile Dev
  • 3 x Talented Junior Developers
  • 2 x Senior Product Owners
  • 1 x HR / Accountant

We are currently recruiting for a Senior Full Stack Developer & a mid-level QA which we hope to fill in 2022.

Next year we will fill 5 more dev vacancies, so by the end of next year, we will be a technical team of +- 15 People.

Our Customer Success & Sales Teams

We have a very competent customer success team consisting of 7 people at the moment as well as a sales team consisting of another 6 people. Our sales and customer success teams operate from a separate office in Somerset West so we are isolated from the noise of day-to-day operations which really helps create some focus and good dev time.

Flexible Working Hours
Great Coffee
Casual Dress Code
No Micro Management
Hybrid Office Model
Free lunches
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon VPC
Amazon Lambda


Android Studio
IntelliJ IDEA


Amazon Route 53
Amazon SES
Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps
Microsoft Teams
Help Scout
One of the Coffee Stations
Our Team - Except the guy who had to take the photo. :)
Getting some input from our Solutions Architecht
Werner's turn to make the team lunch. Someone makes lunch once every month or so.
Pierre & Lizanne Chilling on the Patio