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We are a disruptive life insurance business, who believe in fundamentally improving people's financial lives.

What kind of people would we like to see on the team?

  • Smart
  • Humble
  • Energetic
  • Fun
  • Can do
  • Creative
  • Balanced
  • Not defensive
  • Open to new ideas
  • Honest and straightforward
  • Self-driven
  • Passionate about our business

What would I like to see as widely held beliefs/attitudes in the business?

  • We can materially improve the lives of millions of people – we have a responsibility to bring our products to the mass market.
  • Our customers are at the centre of everything we do – everything starts with them.
  • There are no holy cows – we have an obligation to dissent if we disagree.
  • The best idea is the best idea – it doesn’t matter whose idea it is.
  • We take our work seriously, we don’t take ourselves seriously.
  • We are not a big corporate, we find practical, efficient ways to get stuff done.
  • Bad news should travel fast, good news not so fast.
  • We can overcome anything if we are open and work together.
  • We only work with people we like and trust, life is too short to do otherwise.
  • Be nice or go home.

What are our guiding principles for designing and implementing a people strategy?

  • We agree with Dan Pink’s view that people become intrinsically motivated when they find autonomy, mastery and purpose in their work.
  • It’s only when employees take responsibility for their deliverables AND are held appropriately accountable that you can truly empower them.
  • Our incentive system should encourage team-work rather than competition – good performers should share bonuses in a simple, well-understood way; poor performers should be exited from the business (it’s better for them and for us).
  • Reviews should be regular (quarterly) and focused on both deliverables and personal development – employees should be clear as to what is expected of them, they should have the means and ability to get the job done, and managers should be coaching and providing feedback on a continuous basis.
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