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Who we are

Sieveo is a young software engineering company, focusing on using cutting edge technology to solve real world problems in innovative ways.
Sieveo started out as the Software Engineering Department of Erich Utsch AG, primarily providing software engineering services - consulting, development of products and providing software solutions.

As the Software Engineering Department grew, it started developing and providing consulting solutions that could be used in other areas other than vehicle identification, Sieveo formed out of this as an independent company as a subsidiary of Erich Utsch AG.

Our mission and work

Sieveo has a particular interest in Research, Development and Standardisation, of technology and of products. One such example is participation in the standardisation of ISO/IEC 20248.
Sieveo was involved in the 2021/2022 review, consulting and development of this standard. Sieveo has also subsequently Open Sourced it’s implementation of the standard.

Sieveo is actively building out its product offering based on the core infrastructure and implementation of ISO/IEC 20248 Digital signature meta structure - a data structure standard that provides verifiable information that represents physical things. These things are typically documents, product packaging, RFID stickers on vehicles etc.

Sieveo is an active participant in ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31, and is also a member of the RAIN RFID Alliance. Leveraging new and emerging technologies from these organisations to bolster our technology offering.

Sieveo also continues to consult, provide software engineering services, participate in product development and provide support in general to its parent company and number one client, Erich Utsch AG.

Our Culture

We have an open and collaborative culture. All input is valued and evaluated on its merit and how it solves the problems.

Our Hiring Process

First contact would be a quick 10 - 15 minute call just to say hello. Thereafter we would pose a short test of your skills in a coding challenge.

After successful completion of the coding challenge, we will have an interview - probably over a video call.
The next step would be to involve our our HR department for further questions that may arise.

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