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What we do

Shara is a social trust network with embedded financial tools to allow +67m SMEs to offer credit to their most trusted clients.

Why Work For Us

The largest source of consumer credit in emerging markets is SMEs financing their clients. No credit cards or (functioning) credit bureaus means there’s little source of consumer credit beyond SMEs. And, SMEs don’t know who to trust outside of close friends and family. This is a trillion dollar economy running on "hey, mind if I pay you at the end of the month?"

We’re looking for team members to join us in rebuilding the basic assumptions of how credit bureaus, community, and financial access can work in emerging markets.

We’ve started in Kenya and Nigeria with the goal of taking our model of community-driven finance across emerging markets.

Our Culture

Shara's culture emphasizes sustainable processes, kindness, and founder quality team members. We're a culture first company. Before we hire we make sure there's a lot of conviction that you're the right fit for us. We don't hire out of emergency. We hire for fit.

“Team is Sacrosanct” - For us, it’s not about “The Best” but about who’s right for who we are. Our number one rule is that everyone in Shara is founder quality. This means we trust each other to not to chase for work, everyone has the mile-high view of the company, and we can be super direct with one another.

“Allow For Wholeness” - People with hobbies, people with families, people who are part of a band are great people to work with. Their identity isn’t completely wrapped up in their job, which gives them great freedom at work.

“Transparency & Simplicity” - Both externally and internally we keep things as simple as possible and assure that information is democratically available.

“Joy in Product” - Seeing people love something you’ve built is awesome. This means that if a customer doesn’t say our product makes their life a whole lot better, we’re not done yet.

What will life look like?

With current teams in Cape Town, Nairobi, Lagos, Washington D.C., (and adding) Shara allows you to work from anywhere we are. We have awesome crash pads in all these locations and traveling on the company dime is encouraged.

You can go hang in Cape Town for 3 months, Nairobi for 3 months or open a new office somewhere, it’s really up to you. We don't do pure work from home, because - frankly - we like seeing each other, and find we feed off each other better in person.

This is your chance to make the world a better place for millions of emerging market SMEs, collect amazing life experiences and contacts, and join a team of equals who will treat you like a human!

Our Hiring Process

  • Initial meeting with Co. Founders
  • Technical Vetting
Medical Aid contribution
Pension contribution
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Application and Data

Amazon S3
React Native
Amazon Lambda
Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services


Circle CI
Android Studio
IntelliJ IDEA


Google Analytics

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Google Apps
Nairobi, Kenya
Lago, Nigeria