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Unit 1 Westside Business Park, Stibitz Road, Westlake

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What we do

Sentian aims to use technology to make your home, and by extension you and your family, safe. We combine technology; existing tried-and-tested and new and cutting edge, to make your property 'sentient', to create solutions to problems these systems cannot solve individually.
Our first product, the Sentian 3i, is an integrated “brain” that connects your existing alarm system, with high definition camera and wireless home automation systems, giving you one simple place to control them all and allowing them to work together. All at a polite price. Just one result of this integration, among many, is that when your alarm is triggered, you get a 12 second video clip showing you exactly what triggered your alarm. No more guess work.

Why Work For Us

Our system sits at the confluence of hardware design and manufacture, open source frameworks, IoT, Cloud Services, mobile applications, data analytics and live, critical, asychronous services. Sentian offers exposure to a broad, and exciting range of technologies not easily found anywhere else, provided in a supportive, vibrant, energetic and dynamic startup environment.

Our Culture

Our culture is based on continuous improvement guided by customer value creation. We aim to be constantly growing and learning. Ultimately, we are tech geeks using our passion for technology, to solve a very real and relevant problem we are equally as passionate about, security. For anyone with similar passion and interests, it is great environment to be in.

Our Engineering Processes

Fortunately for us, the foundation of our system is the existing security tech in the industry. This means our engineering processes are very MVP meets practical experimentation. As we have created and own the system from end-to-end, multiple iterations are possible over short periods of time.

Our Hiring Process

Successful applicants will have one, at most two, interviews with the founders and Managing Directors of Sentian where we will drill down to get a solid understanding of your technical grounding, problem solving skills and interests.

Addressing real world SA problems
Dynamic start-up culture
No dress code
Passionate and talented team
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon VPC
Apache Cordova




Amazon Route 53

Business Tools

Google Apps
The Sentian 3i catching a criminal in the act triggering the alarm