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Shop 4, 4 Bella Rosa Street, Rosenpark, Cape Town, 7550

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What we do

Seed Analytics solves the problem of data sourcing, scrubbing, releasing and generating insights on investments for wealth advisors and brokerages.

Why Work For Us

Wealth advisors and Robo advice tools struggle to keep their clients up to date with the realities of their investments on a timely basis. Seed Analytics solves that problem and the result is a mature, healthy, investment environment for the whole industry. Advisors and clients are happy to enjoy the fruits of responsible investing. Join us as we change the industry.

Our Manifesto

We believe in the power of partnership. Our name means moving together and we seek out key partnerships to drive innovation around the world.

We are a community of craftsmen. We are professionals. We take pride in our work and believe that it will measure up to any standard of excellence. We research, test and analyse multiple technologies in order to find the right solution. We will hold each other to account and help each other achieve the highest levels of excellence in the solutions we deliver.

We believe in the power of good business relationships, both inside and outside the company. We believe that diverse teams working together bring the best results. We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to uplift themselves. We work to ensure that all engagements with Comotion result in people and businesses being better than when we began our journey.

We believe in the concept of extreme ownership. Once we have committed, we will move the earth to deliver. We will persevere. We will look for alternative ways to solve a problem when we hit a roadblock. We deny impossibility.

We believe that true innovation takes patience and perseverance. Innovative business models are created through a mix of deep analysis, validation, partnership, technology and resilience. It happens when engaging with diverse voices. We believe that to innovate, we must first listen. Truly listen. And understand the problem, the context and the stakeholders in detail. True innovation happens when we think about our customers and their customers, and what they care about.

We believe in the power of automation. We build pipelines, not buckets. We believe that technology can be the grease that reduces friction in an industry and that we are enablers of efficiency.

We believe that the alignment of passion, purpose and fun brings about the best results.

For successful collaboration, we expect our partners and customers to put in as much as we do. We will act in utmost good faith and go the extra mile for our customers, but we expect something in return. We expect reciprocation, good faith, a positive working relationship, honesty and commitment. We expect our customers and partners to walk that road with us.

We believe that we will have a hand in crafting a positive future. Technology has tremendous power to solve many of the world’s problems, and we have a role to play in ensuring that happens. We will partner with those that share this view of the future.

Our Engineering Processes

Our SDLC utilizes a Scrum development process.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Speed date interview
  2. Cognitive ability test
  3. Second interview with managers
  4. Possible third interview
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Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon Lambda
Amazon Cognito
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon API Gateway




Amazon SES

Business Tools

Microsoft Teams