About Sebenza Wi-Fi



Bryanston, Johannesburg

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What we do

We connect South Africa to the internet, through wifi routers fitted across thousands of minibus taxis across the country. In doing so, we serve up some of the most targeted, relevant advertising that has SA's biggest brands working with us, all whilst serving up hot, fresh content and community-changing services to our commuters.

Why Work For Us

Well, we're the digital face of the taxi industry, which means we're vibe-driven, casual - and like the taxis on the road - also fast-paced and avoiding those potholes. Our tech work has us doing front-end web and native app development in the bleedingest of edgiest stacks, and as we run our own adserving tech, there's plenty of back-end, database and data analytics as well. And because we have those routers inside taxis, we're deep into the IoT of these devices.

We're career-focused - that means we're not looking for "code ninjas" who can be exploited by ludicrous overtime - we're looking for passionate people who want to make the biggest kind of impact it is able to make serving this target market.

We are - in short - a force for good.

Our Culture

The Sebenza team is young, creative and passionate. We are all from different backgrounds and have come together to build our brand from the ground up. We value honesty, integrity, effective communication, teamwork, learning, problem-solving and strong opinions. Together we have accomplished great things and will continue to do so in the future, including hosting our in-house Foosball tournaments.

Our Tech/DevOps Processes

We follow an agile approach based on a two-week sprint. You are given the freedom to chose your own working hours as long as the work gets done.
We document all that we can, and follow PR-driven CI/CD lifecycle that is project-managed, and quality-assured.

The team

We're young, and therefore enthusiastic and easily excitable. The team loves the sheer variety of work that comes our way, and we're infectious in getting others to buy into the hype.

In dev specifically, we have 4 devs, a UX/UI designer, a solutions architect / CTO, a technical director, a QA and a PM.

Our Hiring Process

A team interview over Google Hangouts. Just a casual get-to-know-you chat.
We give you some tech challenges to do in our own time and review them when done.
The final round is a face-to-face interview, with some casual problem solving over a can of Monster / Coke / coffee. There might be a game of foosball involved, we can't promise there won't be.

Flexible Hours
Remote working
Choose your own workstation
Company supplied laptops
undercover parking
Flexible Leave Policy
No Dress Code
Free snacks and drinks
Happy to pay for courses and certificates related to your work
Choose your own OS and IDE
Highly competitive salaries and bonuses
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon Lambda
Amazon Cognito
AWS Amplify
Amazon API Gateway
Amazon Web Services


IntelliJ IDEA
VS Code


Amazon Route 53
Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps
Benzi - our dev mascot
The founding team
Painting the town yellow