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The South African Renewable Energy Business Incubator (SAREBI) supports aspirant and existing entrepreneurs in the clean energy and resource efficiency sectors.

Our mission is to turn green economy entrepreneurs into better business people through
appropriate business development interventions.

The majority of incubation and enterprise development programs focus on support areas that are not of much use to nascent new trading enterprises. Often incubation programs focus on the development of intellectual property, proto-types and raising venture capital (VC) or other funding. While some enterprise development and supply-chain development programs focus on mentoring, coaching and access to markets. Both of these fail to address the proverbial elephant in the room.

Given the dearth of business knowledge, entrepreneurial savvy and the complexity of scaling green-tech and manufacturing businesses, Sarebi fills a unique gap by implementing a two pronged approach. Through our business savvy workshops, we ensure that aspirant entrepreneurs develop viable business models, with a clear understanding of the moving parts of the business, their value proposition and their business case. Through our business resilience program we provide deep operational support and coaching for trading entrepreneurs to help avoid the high failure rate of small enterprises.

Our virtual programs make use of a combination of cloud based software and applications with international reach, providing a unique blend of capacity development, operational support and coaching to entrepreneurs.

Why Work For Us

We make a difference by helping green economy entrepreneurs building viable sustainable businesses. This helps them make a decent living, create jobs and saving the planet a little at a time. It is not easy work, but when we see the success stories, it is very rewarding, knowing you made a difference.

Our Values

  • Quality: We don't do half-baked things. We strive for perfection, but we will settle for excellence!

  • Integrity: We have the guts to tell it like it is. We don't keep quiet when we see things, no matter how uncomfortable.

  • Expedience: We get it done!

  • Ownership: We own our own destiny

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