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Root makes the sustainability transition of your company easy and effective. Gather data from your existing management systems through our intuitive onboarding modules so that we can measure your environmental footprint automatically. From there, our clever dashboard allows you to immediately identify the emission drivers in the life cycle of your products, test scenarios on how to reduce most effectively and keep track of your progression. All that in one power tool.

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We are Root, because we firmly believe that you can only reduce your impact on the environment if you get to the root of the problem. This means that our sustainable transition must be driven by knowledge, rather than instinct.

When we take a brief look at the history of mankind, we see that every great human achievement stems from intelligence. From industrialisation and world peace, to skyscrapers and bananas in the supermarket, greatness can only be achieved on the basis of knowledge. Hence, it should also be at the forefront in tackling our biggest challenge to date: climate change.

With Root, we strive to tackle this transition at the source. This is our only chance to plant the seeds for a sustainable future.

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