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Standard Bank Centre, Heerengracht Street, Foreshore, 8001

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What we do

All over the world, hundreds of millions of people start every single day with a dull, boring smartphone alarm. Rooster’s mission is to transform the wake up experience, into something people love and look forward to. We believe the world would be incredibly different if everyone woke up in their element. Imagine the positive impact the collective could have.

We aim to achieve this at first, with the Rooster Mornings app that makes people excited to hear their alarm in the morning. Down the line Rooster will get involved with morning activities, wireless coffee machines (iOT) and more.

Why Work For Us

  • Experience with a funded, early-mid stage startup
  • Exposure to the South African startup ecosystem including investors, advisors, startup methodology, other startups and our investor Allan Gray's E-squared
  • Being one of the lead developers on a project that could scale internationally - providing both incredible experience and offering the opportunity to do meaningful, challenging work daily.
  • Tons of fun. As founders, we love working on Rooster every day. It's a fun concept and it's an amazing feeling to create something new. 2017 at Rooster is going to awesome, even when times are rough.
  • Flexible working environment: hours, dress code, headphones, everything. You know what you need to be the most productive.
  • If the company grows significantly, as an early hire so would your salary.
  • If we hit our targets in 2017 we will potentially be moving HQ and operations to San Francisco at the end of the year.

Our Culture

Rooster Mornings is essentially a brand becoming synonymous with epic mornings and happiness! As founders and employees we try our best to live the brand by being ultra enthusiastic, positive and always backing ourselves to beat impossible odds. Part of living our brand involves doing awesome morning activities like sunrise surfs, runs, coffee, yoga, secret sunrise and more. We are an agile, flexible, goal-orientated startup and our beliefs are as follows:

  • Be results, not time driven
  • Actively seek negative feedback
  • Consistently look to learn and improve your skills
  • Make data driven

Our Engineering Processes

We are still a young company, and are still shaping our engineering processes. The CTO, Josh Perry, has a background in innovative medical technology and bio-inspired robotic engineering, and hence has applied a similar design philosophy as learnt in these fields - with respect to modular designs, the SDLC and testing frameworks. Joining the team would mean playing an active role in shaping such processes.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process is dynamic, and will change based on our ability gauge the fit of the applicant with the company. Initially we will consider a CV, academic record, cover letter and at least one reference. Thereafter, successful candidates will be invited for anything between 1-3 interviews and possibly a trial day of working with the team.

Flexible hours
Exposure to the full startup process, methodology, advisors and investors
Super chilled dress code
International expansion opportunity
Awesome company culture of living the positivity of the brand
Amazing experience wiring core software for production level media tech
Lunch budget at Food Lovers Market
Free coffee (bean to cup)
5 mins walk from Virgin Active Gym, Foreshore
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Java script
Objective c


Android Studio


Google analytics
Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google apps
Google Apps
Creative breaks often involve some music.
There is an amazing Food Lovers Market right below us.
We operate on the 3rd floor of the Standard Bank building, out of the futures lab.
The founders often do crazy activities to promote the brand - like surfing in suits.

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