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Reverse Resources is developing software solution for major fashion brands, their garment suppliers and recycling partners to cooperation on closing the loop for production leftovers. With making leftover information from garment factories visible online, we enable virtual traceability of fabrics through circular life-cycles from factory onwards.

We have developed a 4-step process:
(1) helping factories map, measure and communicate the volumes of leftovers from production
(2) supporting remanufacturing - using bigger leftover fabrics and fabric pieces in same production, next purchase orders,
(3) creating a live data feed for online marketplace(s) to find a new buyer for any leftovers that can't be used for remanufacturing in the same factory e.g. for recycling cutting scraps to new yarns, and
(4) offering traceability for materials that get reused or recycled.

Eventually, our long-term goal is to build a platform for virtual traceability of circulating resources through different life-cycles, a global database that supports scaling up various innovative circular business models for fashion industry.

Since winning the Global Change Award by H&M Foundation, we have done a thorough research among major factories in China and Bangladesh. We are currently running a pilot project with 4 major factories in Bangladesh producing for some major brands of Europe.

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