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35 Electron Avenue, Technopark, Stellenbosch

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Reutech Radar Systems started in 1987 and over the last few decades we have built up impressive capabilities in the areas of radar, electro-mechanical, digital and software engineering. We build world class radars for defence forces and the security industry locally and abroad. We track aircraft, ships, humans, animals, and even sniper bullets! On the commercial side, we have the Movement and Surveying Radar used to detect landslides in open-pit mines.

Software is a huge part of our systems, and we are constantly improving our existing applications, and developing new ones for new projects. We do real-time, embedded, back-end and user interface development. Our radars generate heaps of data, but without the sophisticated software to extract the information and visualise it effectively, they're just expensive radios!

Why Work For Us

We are developing exciting new technology, allowing you to apply your software skills in the engineering world. Rather than just moving numbers around in databases, you get to work on cool hardware, do scientific data processing and see a project go from idea to prototype to awesome product.

You'll be part of a large, well established company, so you won't need to deal with the teething problems and high risk of failure often associated with start-ups. But we're not so big that you're stuck in a bureaucratic nightmare.

Our Culture

We have a relaxed, but professional environment. We work hard, and then celebrate our achievements. Here you will find lots of smart engineers all working together to solve challenging problems. People on different projects are always willing to help and share ideas. It's a great community. If you have good suggestions on how to improve things, we listen.

We're a fun, friendly bunch of people and have regular social functions (if you're the sociable type!). Or, if you're a supergeek, you're sure to find some kindred spirits. Either way, work on Friday afternoons ends at 15:30 :-)

Our Engineering Processes

Our projects follow a formal system engineering process, but the software is typically developed using an Agile approach. We try to keep up with industry best practices, and use tools such as JIRA, BitBucket and Bamboo to link our development tasks to our source code to our automated builds.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Face-to-face interview with the head of software and the technical lead on the associated project. We'll ask some general questions and then a lot of technical questions with whiteboard coding. We want to see how you go about solving problems, and if your basic knowledge is up to scratch. You also get to ask us questions about the company and the job.
  2. There will be one or two additional interviews with our human resources department, and with the operations executive.
  3. If everything went well, we make you an offer.
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RTS 3200 - FMCW Optronics Radar Tracking System (FORT)
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