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55 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, California, US

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What we do

Rehive is a platform and toolkit for building fintech apps. Similar to how Shopify makes it easy to launch an ecommerce store, Rehive is breaking down the barrier to entry for starting a fintech business.

Payment service providers, fintech startups, retailers, and banks use our software to build and launch their products, whether it is an app for bill splitting, making payment requests, managing a crypto fund, or anything that needs a ledger system.

Looking to get a feeling of our product? Create a sandbox project here: https://dashboard.rehive.com/#/register

Why work for us

If you like playing with lego, you'll definitely enjoy working at Rehive. We go out of our way to create a modular and super flexible framework for building any fintech application, both on the backend platform and frontend applications.

We’ve been building fintech apps since 2014 and are backed by leading Silicon Valley investors, including Tim Draper (investor in Tesla, Skype, Twitch), Jed McCaleb (co- founder of Ripple and Stellar), Jesse Powell (CEO of Kraken) and more. Joining a US based company, while working from South Africa, is a rare opportunity and you’ll get first hand experience of being part of a Silicon Valley team.

Why you should really work for us

We’ve built our first bitcoin app in 2014. Since then we’ve been inspired by the possibilities of open finance. Our goal is to closely stay up to date with recent trends in blockchain and all things cryptocurrency while building fintech products that solve problems today.

Our culture

We have a really special culture at Rehive which breaks most of the traditional culture barriers. Rehive is a business that will interest slightly unconventional, hard working, free thinking guys and gals who are passionate about people, fintech, innovation, and pioneering the way forward.

Our engineering processes

We work in 5-week cycles that are broken up in 1-week planning and 4 weeks of focused work. We have a pretty solid idea of the 6-month product roadmap to meet popular feature requests.

Our team heavily relies on written communication via Slack with only 2 routine meetings per 5-week cycle. In between, we do smaller standup if needed, particularly if we're working on a deadline for rolling out a new feature.

Generally we try to find a balance between speed and quality. In most cases we tend to allow more time for quality, given that Rehive is a fintech tool that needs to be solid.

Our hiring process

We have different positions for all levels of experience. We tend to hire developers that aren’t too set in their ways.

For less experienced roles we get to know you, understand what's important to you and decide if you're a perfect fit. We’ll likely do this by inviting you to visit our team or challenge you with a small project.

For more experienced roles we may spend a bit more time understanding your background in order to position you correctly for a specific role in Rehive.

Rehive vision (Why?)

We believe an open financial system will bring more freedom to the world.

Rehive mission (What?)

Make it easy to start a fintech business.

Our strategy (How?)

At a high level, Rehive is broken in three parts:


First, we are focused on the technology side of things. This helps us to build a quality core product that can sustain the test of time by remaining highly configurable for different use cases.

  1. Launch Rehive Platform for making it easy for anyone to get started and scale fintech products without the need to build everything from scratch [Launched public beta July 2017].
  2. Launch Rehive Extensions, by working directly with clients to create a marketplace for value-added features that can easily be activated as needed. Currently, we support Conversions, Cryptocurrencies, Rewards, Mass Payments, and more. These extensions will eventually move into specialized teams.
  3. Create *Rehive Solutions, by packaging end-to-end configurable fintech applications.

We do see a path where more and more finance products will be powered by decentralized networks. Rehive wants to play a part in that when the time comes.


In the future, we do plan to partner with banks, governments, and financial institutions to also streamline the regulatory aspect of starting a fintech business.


We do see a future where we have a strategic view on what type of fintech products have high growth potential to also invest in businesses that are being developed on Rehive.


Grow with our clients.

Remote work
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Rehive takes 2nd place at the Africa Fintech Awards for the Blockchain category
Friday knowledge share session
The team having a mid-year breakaway session
The team takes a trip to Hout Bay during our annual mid-year indaba (a month of creativity, strategic planning and fun)
We love connecting with the fintech community locally (Cape Town) to grow networks and learn from what other are doing!
Rehive Fintech Hackathon #RFH2018 24 March 2018 Cape Town