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Who We Are
Red Kubes is a software company that was founded by Sander Rodenhuis and Maurice Faber. Following the rise and its mass adoption of Kubernetes, they worked with numerous enterprises as certified Kubernetes consultants.

After working with several companies, they found themselves essentially repeating the same process:

Building a container platform that would abstract away Kubernetes’ complexity and let organizations focus on developing and deploying code, not managing their new infrastructure.

“The problem was that every company needed a container platform just
to be successful with Kubernetes, but none derived a particular
competitive advantage from having a bespoke container platform that
took over half a year (and many tens of thousands of euros) to
Sander Rodenhuis

Worse yet, once Rodenhuis and Faber finished a contract, they had trouble finding someone with the skills to take over the internal management of the new bespoke platform.

They created the Otomi Container Platform so that organizations can have easier, faster access to a container platform that handles the infrastructure-level management associated with Kubernetes.

How we work
As our products so are our team members

Responsible: Our products are a result of well thought out, planned, and executed team effort. We started with a very small team and found that giving each team member great responsibility made us successful. Therefore we wish to continue with this approach.

Fun: We welcome you ‘as you are’. Yes, even if this means you will show up for work in your X-mas onesie. Challenge accepted?

Inclusive: We are all equal regardless of our color, origin, background, beliefs, gender, or sexual orientation. We don’t tolerate any form of discrimination.

Smart: We embrace and cherish diversity and we treat everyone with respect. We encourage active learning and welcome feedback. We advocate the use of peaceful and fair means to resolve conflicts.

Transparent: We act with integrity and transparency. We interact with our clients and partners in good faith and take their interests into account. May it be pricing or support tickets, we strive to give you all the information in a timely manner.

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