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We challenge the world of investment and trading. Being a startup hedge fund we not only are building unique never seen before algorithmic trading solutions but an entire platform that customers from all corners of the world can use to invest with us. We research multiscaled deep learning models to assist with our ultimate goal - Semi to Fully automated trading solutions which the model works with our traders to assist in biases. Our complete methodology is extremely unique and we challenge the biggest banks and hedge funds in the world! We love a challenge!

We will reshape the financial investment and education industry as you know it. It's going to be a fun ride!

Why Work For Us

We provide a challenging environment where you will have to solve million-dollar problems - literally! You get to solve never seen before problems and use creative solutions to solve these problems. We don't micromanage we want you to work with us, not for us!

What you will be building

Basically in a short summary: A multiscaled prediction model that assists our inhouse traders and then eventually the entire world! This would be our main AI engine to gather new data and spin-off other models for our web platform.

Our Culture

We are all optimistic, passionate, and extremely ambitious about what we do, doing whatever it takes to make humanity suffering a little less by providing everyone an opportunity at passive income. We also believe everyone deserves the best and continue to look out for our colleagues.

Our Engineering Processes

We take a very rapid approach, yes okay agile methodology and all that, but we are really trying to change the industry and there is no time for red tape! We push out multiple prototypes a week and try new approaches even faster. We love research and development and out the box thinking and it's the core philosophy when we create a solution.

Our Hiring Process

We require only 2 chats with you over Zoom:
1. To get to know you: passions, ambitions, and where you want to go. And also for you to ask us questions. We lightly touch on some technical fun talk.
2. To talk a bit more technical and find out if you are still interested and whether you want to be part of our team.

Then we will officially onboard you, and celebrate that you joined our team, and introduce you to everyone else!

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