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Radixtrie Pty Ltd, Bauhinia Street, Highveld Techno Park, Centurion, South Africa

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At Radixtrie we are passionate people that empowers people.

What we do

Currently, we have 3 main offerings in RadixTrie, but this will change with your help.

  • DataStore - services and solutions to ensure databases are secure, available and risk-free.

  • DataFlow - services and solutions to ensure that data is available anywhere efficiently

  • DataEvolution - services and solution to unlock the wisdom of the data at hand

Why Work For Us

We are just a plain down-to-earth team with a great culture. We work hard (mostly remote) and have fun in doing so! We believe that everyone must "work" with what their passion is, and we also understand that passion is not constant. Hence we constantly ensure that you are prepared for your next challenge.

The RadixTrie Culture
So culture is not something that you can easily document or peg down since it is ever-evolving; however, that will not deter us from trying and sharing some of the components:

  • We are all entrepreneurs at our core and believe that anything is possible. If you have an idea, share it, speak up, test the idea, let us help you build a business case. Let's see together if it is viable; chances are, if it is feasible and sustainable, we will support you to run with it.

  • We approach every challenge with a no-boundaries approach and question all rules, restrictions and assumptions. What was true in kindergarten still applies, i.e. sharing is caring. The more information, knowledge, experience and wisdom you share, the more you will be admired.

  • We are outputs based, not inputs based and have a flexi-time policy. If you can find a way to meet or even exceed your team and the customer's expectations with only 10% of the usual effort required - go for it. We strongly encourage automation and finding new innovative ways of doing things.

  • You have a choice; we will not force you to be part of a team, we will, however, provide the opportunities for you to participate in being a member of a greater team. Try and avoid the "out of sight out of mind" trap. It won't do you any favors. Without you in the team, we are one man short.

Our Values
This very easy, we lived by these values for several years now, and it was also at the core when we decided to form RadixTrie in early 2019.

  1. Family First: We prioritise our personal and professional support structures, and we expect each team member to prioritise theirs too. If you have a family issue that needs attention, go for it, inform your team and attend to it immediately. Our definition of family is broader than just personal relatives. Family for us includes our teammates that support us when we need it, and it also includes our customers who ensure we can help each other.
    So look after your personal family with great care, and tend to your teammates and customers the same way you would tend to your personal family. We all need to ensure our support structures are solid!

  2. Mutual Accountability: You will notice that RadixTrie does not publish organograms and management structures, we choose to function on a very flat, equalitarian team structure. Each of us had different opportunities to date and currently have different responsibilities. After all, we cant all do the same thing, we tend to stick to what we are good at, or where our passion lies. We believe every action each individual takes, affects everyone else in some way, shape or form. That is why everyone is accountable to everyone else. You are welcome, in fact, you are encouraged, even expected to talk to your teammate if there is something you feel needs to be talked about, good or bad. This means you are most welcome to address decisions taken by the leadership team or encourage a teammate.

  3. Mistakes are tolerated, adding no value is not: We are all human; hence we are all prone to mistakes. In RadixTrie we don't have a problem with anyone making mistakes, we will even support you when it happens and trust you to learn from it. "I never lose. I either win or learn." Think about that Nelson Mandela quote for a second. Being an output based team, that is mutually accountable to each other and puts our family first; we are all here to make a difference, and this belief does not leave any room for not stepping up to the plate and do what you are responsible for and what your team expects of you. After all, what you do or not do affects us all. So if you believe that you are not adding value, please speak up, ask advice, seek help and strive to make a difference.

Our Engineering Processes: Whatever the customer wants as long as it is agile.

Our Hiring Process: Looking for a team player that can withstand 3 x 30min interviews. Warning, we move fast.

Flexible Hours
Remote Working
Choose your own workstation
No Dress Code
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Application and Data

Amazon EC2
Microsoft Azure
.Net Core 2.0


Team Foundation Server


Power BI

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Microsoft Sharepoint
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