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253 Broadbury Circle, Cornwall Hill

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What we do

At Quantalytics we combine our extensive business experience with our expertise in the latest technology to help businesses understand and monetise their data. In today’s world businesses that fail to understand and leverage their data are likely to be left behind. We believe that there is sometimes too much emphasis on 'big data' and not enough focus on 'smart data'.

Big data has been a well-known entity for quite some time now. It describes large volumes of data that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. Conversely, smart data describes data that has valid, well-defined, meaningful information that can expedite information processing. Our aim is to help you on your journey to extract true value from your data.

At Quantalytics we don’t just focus on the data analytics but know from experience that the hardest part is actually identifying relevant data, efficiently sourcing and cleaning the data. What sets us apart is our ability to offer the full suite of services - from sourcing and cleaning data, to applying our business expertise to provide valuable insights and management reporting that actually makes sense.

Why Work For Us

Be part of a small but fast-growing organisation getting exposure in many different fields from telecoms, banking to agriculture. We like working hard but also force ourselves to play just as hard. You will get to work with and learn from top people with many years of experience at some of SA's top companies. We will challenge you on a daily basis.

Our Culture

We like doing business and in the process create shared value for everyone involved. We believe in continuous learning and challenging everyone in the company to push their own boundaries and not to get stuck in a comfort zone. We hold each other accountable and believe that we can only ever truelly succeed when functioning as a unit. We encourage diversity and crave diverse thinking.

Our Hiring Process

Pretty informal. We are interested in who you are as a person and how you would fit into the company. We would like you to meet the team and also have some social interaction. We might give you a technical challenge to ensure that you do possess the basic competencies that we would expect on day 1.

Flexible hours
flexible leave policy
no dress code
remote working (where practical)
we strive to pay top of market for top talent
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform


Power BI

Business Tools

Microsoft Teams