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5 Cradock Ave, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa

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What we do

Printulu is a newly established online printing firm in South Africa. We are backed by international investors and received 7-digit US-Dollar funding. The vision of the firm is to revolutionize multi-channel marketing moving from a pure e-commerce site to more of a platform. For now, we provide SMEs with marketing material like flyers and posters as well as with business cards and catalogues. Through an efficient sales platform and optimized production, we can beat market prices by up to 70%.

The website is not online yet, so this would be your job!

Why Work For Us

  • Completely revolutionize multi-channel marketing in South Africa
  • Have great work flexibility
  • Work closely with all seniors in the company
  • Lead cross-functional teams (particularly in marketing)
  • Be able to build your own team after some months
  • Share best practices with Mexico's and Thailand's development teams
  • Be introduced to internationally renowned investors

Our Culture

We are all hungry!
We are all learners!
We are all testers!

Be part of shaping the culture of Printulu!

Our Engineering Processes

We are convinced that agile development to test different market hypotheses is crucial in order to create learning particularly for early stage start-ups such as ours. Without learning, companies add features without knowing what the market wants! We want to build what the market wants and thus minimize the "waste".

Our Hiring Process

For us, personal fit and a growth mind-set are at least as important as current technical skills. We do not only want to hire technical skills, we want to hire the person! The interview process has two rounds and potentially a third.

  1. Interview: Personal chat with the CEO to match expectations about the position.

  2. Interview: Technical interview with one of our global technical experts. Potentially send code sample to discuss.

  3. Interview: Potential interview with international investors for higher level positions.

International work environment
Growth spirit!
Young & fun team
Competitive pay
Security of funding
Flexibility of early stage start-up
Direct impact - no hierarchies
Tech Stack

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Business Tools

Alexander Knieps - Founder
Janika Bockmeyer - Business Development

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