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Vijzelgracht 53A Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1017 HP NL

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Polarsteps is helping millions of travelers across the globe to plan, track and relive their travels in a smart and beautiful way.

Crafted by a team of avid explorers with a passion for clever technology and design, our all-in-one travel app features a travel planner, a personalized digital map and, at the end of it all, can be used to turn memories into a hold-in-your-hand Travel Book.

Launched in 2015 and headquartered in Amsterdam, our fast-growing team is on a journey with a clear destination - to inspire and connect people through travel. Will you join us?

P.S. Check careers.polarsteps.com for more behind the scenes and info about our team, culture and the Teleporter!

Travel, family time, relaxing in your garden – whatever you need to recharge your batteries – you'll have 28 days of vacay for all your adventures & desires
We love to spend time together – whether it is during our daily team lunch, Friday drinks (aka Pollo Pollo' s*) or our legendary road trips & outings – team Polarsteps is a happy lot that is always up for an adventure
Love biking? Or do you prefer public transport? Either way, our office in downtown Amsterdam is easy to get to, and we will cover your travel costs!
Oh, and yes, that free flight to a random location you've heard about? It's true. Try it out and give our Teleporter a spin here.
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Application and Data

It's that time of the year again! Firing up the Teleporter - check out our career page to see where Florian and Paco got teleported!
Nothing better than a spontaneous trip to the sea side!
Meet the Polar Geep - current location - Georgia! Are you the next one to drive it further in Asia?
Office vibes. #nofilter
Talking about spontaneous trips... last summer we booked a last-minute trip to Greece. Because we can...
"Insert a motivational travel quote here..." ;)