About Polar Monitoring


2 Ann Arbor Road, Bramley, Johannesburg, 2090

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What we do

Polar Monitoring is an innovative cloud-based remote monitoring solutions business. We are based in JHB buy have devices all over Africa. We are proudly South African and hope to launch our technology all over the world.

We currently have solutions for the following sectors:

Cold Chain Storage
Food processing
Geological & Water Wells
Many Others

Why Work For Us

1: You will 100% learn not something but ALLOT. Again it's a small team and every remembers will be extremely hands-on. If you are not pushing commits to production on the first week, we will all be worried.

2: Work with like-minded exited engineers. Ultimately the team is all geeks who get off on engineering the perfect product/solution.

3: Room for growth, our business is still young but taking off, join now and become an incremental member of the team and grow with the business as we build our product offering and as the team grows.

Our Culture

We have a propper hard-working, have fun graft and get the job done culture. We are very fortunate that we are a small team so everyone is highly hands-on and every line of code you write goes into production and benefits the business from week 1. Our systems and architecture are also quite advanced, so it is always a good challenge both design-wise and mentally when working on new features & improvements.

All the back end systems we design have to be designed correctly for high scale, we have 1000s of devices out in the field continuously spamming us with data, and we always have to think about the future, speed and efficiency of the systems we build.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process is fairly relaxed, It will start off with an online interview followed by an in-person chat over a coffee type style. After that, we will give a test which would represent a real-world working scenario (ie, the first week at work type of task).

If we like you and you like us, then lets get coding.

Startup Culture
Lunch Provided
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure
.NET Core


Azure DevOps


Google Analytics

Business Tools

Microsoft Teams