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PlusNarrative is an OfferZen partner committed to building a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

PlusNarrative is invested in developing the local tech community.

WordPress VIP Selects PlusNarrative as its African Agency Partner

We’re proud to embark on a partnership that brings better digital experiences to the people our clients serve! The PlusNarrative team is about to bring the best-in-class digital experiences of WordPress VIP to leading African brands. We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been added to the WordPress VIP Feature Agency Partner program, making PlusNarrative one of only 30 global partners. What does this mean? WordPress VIP offers enterprise clients a fully managed WordPress cloud platform for unparalleled scale, security, performance and flexibility. The solution currently delivers transformational results for global giants like Microsoft, Spotify, CNN, Facebook and more. PlusNarrative is the only agency born in Africa that can bring the unbeatable benefits of WordPress VIP to African brands. Why PlusNarrative? Our vision for a world where products and brands put people first is directly aligned with the capabilities WordPress offers. Similarly, the WordPress team found our continued delivery on a compelling value proposition to be exactly what they were looking for in an agency partner. “Their ability to explore and co-create a brand story, product or design solution, enables them to deliver far more than just ‘development’.” Donovan Roehr, Director of Agency Partnerships, WordPress VIP What’s next for Brands in Africa? We co-create with our clients to address the real needs of the people they serve. Now, we can use WordPress VIP to solve the challenges brands face in the creation of outstanding digital experiences. With partnerships like these, our creative engineering studio can shape unique ideas into regenerative digital experiences. More than 34% of the internet is built on WordPress and 60% of the global CMS market uses the platform too. With every solution WordPress brings to the world, our opportunities to make an impact grows!

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Who we are

PlusNarrative is a human-centric digital and design agency. We believe that empathy is the creative difference for business.

What makes us unique?

We start with people, putting our understanding for their pain points and goals at the core of everything we do. The more relevant a brand or business is to the people it serves, the more effective it will be at achieving business results. We apply this thinking to our customers and their customers too.

Why do we believe in empathy?

“Empathy is the creative difference” means we get inspired by the humans behind the screen, considering how our design, development or marketing work will make the most impact to them.

What’s our process?

Our co-creative approach to collaboration with our customers sets us apart and it’s the foundation of our team. We partner with our customers for the long-term, to add value to the business that goes beyond transactions. Starting with a strategic understanding of our client's goals & challenges, and getting to know the people they want to serve (users, customers, audiences) leads us to better creative ideas for design. We enable our clients to participate in the process, by translating the ideas into prototype user journeys, wireframes, and interactions that they can experience before proceeding to design and development sprints.

What are our core behaviours?

At PlusNarrative we get tangible to create things, prototyping and reiterating our work based on direct feedback. Our best ideas are generated through collaboration, as a team, and with our customers. We encourage our team to stay curious and never resist the opportunity to ask a more beautiful question. Just remember, the best way to learn, is to learn from failure.

What is our hiring process?

Once you have been invited to an interview you can expect to meet 3-4 team members representing PlusNarrative. In the first interview, we aim to get to know you and your character and levels of creative thinking. If you are selected for a second interview, you will send through a copy of your latest payslip and a letter of reference from a colleague or leader. You will also be assessed on your capabilities - mainly problem solving under pressure and the ability to ask meaningful questions to understand the route of a challenge. Next, if you complete the assessment successfully you will be sent an offer to review and consider.

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In creating Y’ello Hive for MTN, we took on the task of streamlining the challenges of massive scale corporate organisation. No small feat. But that gave us room to marry an app variant of our existing MTN Y’ello Web design system, along with Google Material Design principles, with a React Native backbone to sync every employee’s workday data via one cohesive app. Resulting in a beautiful, lightweight and intuitive experience that consolidates the entire enterprise Office 365 application suite, users can manage tasks both large and small. Whether they want to book a boardroom, find MTN employee profiles, or simply order lunch, Y’ello Hive is their office in their pocket.
The 'last breakfast' of 2019. Our team travelled from across South Africa to break fast and connect in Joburg before a food and music trip around the city. We take breakfasts, music (and photo opportunities) seriously.
PlusNarrative is the first studio in Africa to partner with Wordpress VIP. We lean on Automattic for the best code reviews and advice available in the web dev industry.
Awards aren't the be all and end all for +Narrators, but we like to celebrate when our work is recognised amongst some of the best on the continent.
Our Durban studio looking shiny and new, it's more of a collaboration space now that we're 'virtual first' but we like to keep it feeling fresh and inspirational.
Workshop 17 Rosebank is our collaborative space in Joburg. We tend to run our own design sprint workshops and ideas sessions here when it feels like virtual is not enough.