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What we do

At PlayState Projects, we partner closely with our clients to create and manage elegant solutions to complex business problems. We are passionate about partnering with brands that do good in the world and actively seek out opportunities to work with them, or create our own.

Why Work For Us

As a company, we are excited by the potential that exists at 
the intersection of society, technology and design. We are continually exploring this space, whether it be in our own personal work (www.spaia.earth) or in the creation of digitally-led brands, campaigns and tools for our clients.

Our Culture

While we love rolling up our sleeves and doing the work, we also believe in bringing in the best minds for the brief at hand. 
We love collaborating with and growing fresh young talent and passionate people who are always looking for better solutions.

PlayState is a remote-first company and has been for a long time. We understand the value of your time, our time and our client's time, so productive flexi-time is how we roll.

Our Engineering Processes

PlayState follows a strict agile methodology using continuous integration and a 'GitFlow' branching model.

Our Hiring Process

Our culture forms the basis of how we work with and choose our team members and our clients. Because we place high importance on passion, high-quality work and team fit, we prefer to do a 1 - 2 day trial task before taking on new staff. These tasks can be completed at a time convenient to candidates.

Work from anywhere
Flexible leave policy
Tech Stack

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Google Cloud Platform