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19 John Gainsford Street, Springbokpark, Cape Town

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What we do

Picsa is a young financial wellbeing company transforming the financial landscape for low-income workers. We help Employers protect and improve the financial wellbeing of their Employees through innovative and impactful financial products.

Why Work With Us

Picsa started in 2012 when Pieter, our founder, was asked by his farm workers to find them a good long-term investment option to help them prepare for retirement. He couldn’t find one in the market and decided to help his workers by helping them set up a stokvel that allowed them to put their money together and then to invest it with an investment manager. It didn’t stop there. Pieter started helping his workers with other financial services and today we help thousands of workers across the Western Cape and beyond with many different products.

Our Engineering Culture

We like working with people...

… who care about people, particularly the financially poor and marginalised in South Africa.

… that value teamwork and collaboration over ego-boosting solo wins.

… that enjoy shipping finished work regularly.

… who believe there's more to work than the paycheck.

… and like taking the time to make complex things simple.

… who understand that tests make them a better engineer.

… that understand the "getting things done" dynamic.

Remote working optional 3 or 4 days a week
Choose your own OS/hardware
Contribution towards RA
Contribution towards RA
No forced socialising
University of Life is respected
No rockstars allowed. Normal people only.
No Slack
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Circle CI


Amazon Route 53

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Google Apps