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About us

At Pfortner we continuously develop security focused business solutions that provide our clientele with secure redundant connectivity. Combined with the patented STEALTH capability we can provide added privacy and availability giving your business the competitive edge.

Our purpose

By building simple but profound technology solutions we protect the interests of multiple stakeholders such as our employees & their families, our partners and ultimately our clientele and their customers. We aim to serve especially those in the developing world who are poor, weak, uninformed and have little or no recourse in the event of being defrauded or taken advantage of. We dream of leaving a legacy that consists of innumerable secure interactions and as a results the lives of ordinary people like us, being better because our company exists.

Pfortner’s Recruitment Philosophy

We choose:

• Values over smarts

• Attitude over skills

The Process

  1. Introduction to Pfortner & check for value match/clash and passion
  2. Strengths Finder Coaching Session
  3. Technical interview – skills
  4. A day at Pfortner & Team Interview

Pfortner SOP

We live the values - starting at home

Gifts, serving and working for your family are not just ideas but the core of what we stand for. Do it here and it will become second nature with suppliers, customers and “real” family.

We don’t sell products, we create an experience

Our customers pay for a sense of security, control and predictability NOT features or specifications. We must invoke a positive emotion as well as technical requirements we are to add value.

We don’t imitate, we innovate

Listen to the customer, understand the problem and then think radically different about how we can increase value and reduce cost. Now build that with quality and we’ll be original and differentiated.

We know who our customers are

Our products and our prices are not for everyone. We need to understand who our customers is and why they are. If one door shuts learn from it and move on but don’t get bogged - down there’s a big world out there.

We’re obsessed with improvement

Small incremental improvements will take us from strength to strength. Always think about quality, efficiency, continuity and customer experience. Share ideas and make the business, products and relationships better.

We create real value

They don’t call it a value chain for nothing … analyses it and understand where “worth” is created or lost and how we can adapt to maximize its impact. Serve the customer and do business win-win or don’t do business at all.

We’re about TEAM

No one can do it on their own. Our success is about getting many talented people working together to solve real world problems. A win for the entire TEAM is the only victory we’re interested in.

Family Orientated
Work from home days
Flexiable Hours
Tech Stack

Application and Data

React Native


Android Studio


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