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What we do

Paymenow is a financial wellness and inclusion platform that allows employees early access to earned wages. The service aims to empower users on how to migrate away from indebtedness.
The platform promotes responsible financial behaviour and encourages saving.

Our vision is to initially ease the burden inflicted by payday and micro lenders through affordable realtime access to cash and to then educate and assist reaching financial goals.

Paymenow, happy employee, happy employer.

  • 10x more affordable than payday lenders
  • Real-time access to money in case of emergency
  • Salary deducted. Owe nothing end of the month. No debt spirals.
  • Responsible access to cash. Tiering based on behaviour.
  • Financial education
  • Free savings and investments products
  • Rewards and discounts
  • Pay bills to avoid penalties or termination of services
  • Purchase airtime and electricity

Our Hiring Process

Never more than 2 interviews
They probably know after the 1st interview if they are wanting to make an offer or not.
The second interview will be a 'culture fit-meet the CEO' interview.
Then an offer is on its way

Monthly braai meet-ups with the team
Medical aid plan
Hyrbid Work Setup
Tech Stack

Application and Data

.Net Core 2.0