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16 Fricker Road, Illovo, Johannesburg

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What we do

PayCurve is a financial technology platform, that provides employees with early access to a portion of their earned and unencumbered salary at any point during the month thus facilitating financial headroom.

PayCurve adopts a holistic and sustainable approach with the objective of achieving financial well-being by replacing onerous, high-cost short term solutions as well as mitigating financial over-indebtedness, thus empowering both employers and employees.

We aim to be South Africa's most affordable Early Salary Access solution.

As each workforce is unique, to achieve financial well-being in these unprecedented times, support and fit-for-purpose solutions are needed. Not only is PayCurve a revolutionary platform for financial flexibility, it provides an additional “safety net” through the facilitation of debt rehabilitation.

Hiring Process:

This is what you can expect when interviewing with us.

Our interview process has the following stages:
- Interview to assess culture fit
- Tech assessment
- Meet the team
- Offer

A bit more about the technical assessment:

This is a Technical take home assignment- please communicate any delays or extensions required. This test is to assess technical strengths and areas of weakness so that we know best where to support you.

During the process, you are likely to meet the following members of our team:

Bevan (CTO) and some team members

What will they be looking for?

Communication skills, attitude, logic and enthusiasm

How to make a good first impression:

Please be on time for your interview. Ensure you appear neat and have stable internet.
Ask lots of questions and show some enthusiasm.

How long does our interview process usually take, from first call to offer stage?

Around 3 weeks, if no delays.

If you need any additional information on our interview process, please reach out to us directly.
Alternatively, please take a look at our careers page to get to know us better.

Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon Web Services