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Pattern Matched Technologies™ (a Fintech company) specialises where financial, telecommunications, and commerce verticals intersect. Our experience spans over 13 years, while having innovated many various services and products, now standardised in the market.

PMT Views:
- Trust between all Parties involved whether it is staff, management, customers or suppliers.
- Dedication to each Employee, Client and Project.
- Supplying service to Customers without exception, always exceeding their expectations.
- Using experience and knowledge for mutual benefit.
- Delivery focused with process & quality centred mindsets.

What We Do:

Developing Erlang
What is Erlang

Erlang is a programming language designed by Ericsson to support distributed, fault-tolerant, soft real-time, highly available, non-stop applications. It supports hot swapping, thus code can be changed without stopping a system.

Open-source Erlang is being released to help encourage the spread of Erlang outside Ericsson. We are releasing free of charge: The entire source code of the current Erlang system. Extensive libraries of code for building robust fault-tolerant distributed appErlang-Globelications. Erlang has the ability to predict what you will code next, over time, and in this sense also uses predictive logic in execution of tasks – making it increasingly agile.

Erlang is ideal for high transactions per second systems (TPS), with high availability and scalability requirements. Erlang is used to develop some of the large social media platforms known to the world, as well as complex financial systems and telecommunications platforms.

Bespoke Development
Functional Development Team

PMT has developed several core products (link to Products) which can we used as building block engines to build complex systems in areas of Banking, MNO (Mobile Network Operators), Money and Wallet systems etc. As PMT has built a significant number of APIs for all of its product and engines (linked define http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/A/API.html ), PMT can either train you to use the APIs or, build complete custom projects for you. We also support retained development to grow and maintain your projects into the future.

PMT currently has large projects in Top 200 JSE corporates including Banking, MNO, Insurance, Retail, and other large corporate environments, also supporting over 10 million of their connected consumers on USSD and Apps!

Specialised API Integrator

Our development engineers have over 10 years experience in specialised API development and integration between systems for many various Clients. Our development life cycle features sophisticated integration and integration testing phases with integrating parties to ensure that the systems are matched 100%.

Some examples of integrations are:
- Financial Switching integrations to and from Point Of Sale (POS) and Postilions.
- Banking integrations for financial transactions and USSD development.
- Voucher distribution and redemption at POS.
- Integration to vending suppliers and municipalities.
- Integration into Insurance, Investment and Policy platforms.

Why Work For Us:

PMT has set up an employment equity agreement to which it adheres. This agreement resonates with the core of PMT’s primary principles of fairness, transparency and openness. We encourage the development of skills both in-house and in studies at approved academic institutions. PMT also offers its Employees a Employee Wellness Program to encourage our human capital in the development of their life skills, leading to balanced and healthy individuals contributing to society.

End-to-End PMT Interview to employment confirmation process:

1st - Introduction Meeting with Technical Team:

Mainly there are 2 Senior Developers who will conduct the initial introduction meeting. Once that is done they ascertain if the individual would be a good fit into the PMT family. Should the applicant be keen and have adequate skills needed a secondary meeting is then scheduled.

2nd - Career Aspiration / Financial Aspect Meeting:

Generally conducted by the Executive team to get an understating of who they are, their endeavours, how they can assist you grow, what areas need to be worked on…and your expectation of your financial growth

3rd - Offers: After the second meeting, we (PMT) will then send an offer letter detailing the full offer of employment and detailing next steps.

Constant communication with candidate will begin as of confirmation of offer until the candidate commences with his/her employment. Learning material, our company documents and general HR will be communicated to you in advance.

At PMT we make it our mission to ensure that everyone is welcomed and integrated into the team from day 1.

Weekly Performance Incentive
Random Pizza Fridays
Fun Staff Activities - Braai, Charity, Events
5km Radius Accommodation Incentive
Medical Aid Contribution
Annual Leave
Long Service Incentives
Gym Incentive
Career Advancement Opportunities (Courses/Workshops/Conferences)
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon EC2


Android Studio


Amazon Route 53
Google Analytics

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WASP Award Winner 2017
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