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A comprehensive curriculum that prepares software engineers of all skill levels in preparing for the technical interview process. The curriculum is broken into three key areas: computer science fundamentals, technical interview preparation, and behavioral interview skills.

  1. Core computer science topics include recursion, dynamic programming, data structures (graphs, trees, heaps, etc), algorithms (quasi-linear sorts, DFS, BFS, shortest path, etc), time/space complexity, and system design and scaling.

  2. Technical Interview preparation include: whiteboarding, pair-programming, and systems architecture design

  3. Non-technical interview skills training includes behavioral and situational interview question preparation and practice, resume rebuild, effective communication strategies, body language, job search management, and salary negotiation.

Why Work For Us

We’re a team of innovators and self-starters who strongly believe that every person has the potential to reach their highest level of success and confidence with the proper training and support. We take pride in building an open and collaborative culture where every Outco Team member contributes their unique skill sets and experiences to the company.

Our goal is to build a team of enthusiastic, passionate and thoughtful individuals who believe in our mission. At our core, Outco provides opportunities for all to prove themselves and build their confidence as software engineers and professionals.

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