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Crypto to the people. Unlocking the potential of crypto to the masses!

We are a fast-paced startup/scaleup in the Netherlands, enabling access to web3 by bridging the world of Fiat Currencies (Euro, Dollars, etc.) with the world of Cryptocurrencies.

🔥 🚀 Build the next level onramping toolbox that catalyzes crypto pioneers to offer a smarter experience.

We provide an embeddable widget and API for trading platforms, apps and websites so their users can buy cryptocurrencies. By partnering with the best fiat-to-crypto payment gateways and presenting them in a single plugin for crypto-platforms such as wallets, DeFi apps and trading platforms. Their users can then buy crypto easily in-platform when needed. This is one of the most important intersections for web3/meta.

Our Vision
We are currently witnessing the creation of the ‘Internet of Value’, based on decentralized foundations. It’s time to re-imagine how payments, value transfer and financial services should work, and today’s crypto-landscape has set out to do that from a blank slate. We aim to help build and access a decentralized world.

What we're looking for
Across the hires we aim to make, we look for signals that a candidate fits into the vision of the company that we aim to build:

  • Firstly, we are building a startup because we want to enjoy our working life. This means we aim to build a healthy work environment based on personal fulfillment, trust, empathy, and honest communication.
  • Second, we are ambitious and vision-driven. We aim to help people
    build and access the world of crypto, by bridging the financial world of today and the world of tomorrow. We fundamentally believe in
    decentralization and the potential of cryptocurrencies, and have a
    burning itch to accelerate this movement.
  • Finally, disrupting the frontiers of finance and payments excites us. Turning disruptive ideas into rapid growth gives us that special
    feeling in our stomachs; a feeling of excitement, joy and
Fast-paced startup
Equity incentives
Friendly working environment
No dress code
Flexible leave policy
Building the future of payments
Office in 'grachtenpand' in Amsterdam
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