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Omnidots is on a mission to build a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

Omnidots is committed to drive growth and innovation in the tech community.

Omnidots’ vibration monitoring equipment

The Omnidots’ total solution for monitoring and reporting of vibrations in the construction and infrastructure industry consists of three main products: the SWARM vibration monitor, the Honeycomb web platform and the SWARM Battery. We also have the perfect array of accessories, such as the Carry-on case, the Baseplate, the Solar Panel set and the PoE adapter.

Inspire The World With Your Vibration Monitoring Project!

With construction and infrastructure projects, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every project comes with its own set of challenges, including vibration monitoring. But you can still earn from the experiences of others.

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Enabling safe construction worldwide, investment in innovative scale-up Omnidots

The Dutch Groningen-based scale-up Omnidots has secured a €1 million investment to grow internationally with its SWARM vibration sensor for the construction industry. The growing company wants to ensure safer construction internationally.

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What we do

We want to make the world safer with our environmental monitoring solution for the construction and infrastructure industry.

People, structures and the environment are all affected by the work around construction sites: Particulate matter whirling around because of demolition work can negatively affect the health of on-site personnel, and vibrations caused by sheet piling can cause the structural integrity of a building to weaken. The list of factors that need to be considered during construction and infrastructure projects is long, but Omnidots’ solution is simple: vibration and air quality monitoring devices linked to an intuitive web platform that provides a clear overview of the monitoring data.

You can install your Omnidots monitoring device in two minutes, set it up remotely, and monitor the construction site 24/7, no matter where you are. Both our SWARM vibration monitoring device and DUST particulate matter monitor comply with all legal standards and quality requirements. They make construction sites safer not only by giving you accurate real-time insights but also by making monitoring more affordable and intuitive: You don’t need to follow an extensive course to work with Omnidots’ SWARM and DUST monitors.

Contact us at info@omnidots.com to learn more about our environmental monitoring solution!

Why Work For Us

Our development team works from home to create new products and make our current products even better. For example, we have developed a vibration monitor for the construction sector with the accompanying web platform Honeycomb. We operate out of Leek (when there is no coronavirus): would you like to work there? Great! If you live somewhere farther away, like Limburg, and prefer to work from home, that would be fine too!

Your future colleagues really enjoy working for us because we are very flexible and the team gives them all the responsibility and support they need. We have a relatively small team, which means you will have an immediate impact on the end products. We listen to everyone, especially as we grow: fresh ideas are invaluable.

Our Culture

Innovation, Quality, Decisiveness, Enthusiasm, Efficiency.

We have a semi-flat organizational structure, in which we work with great enthusiasm and professionalism on super innovative products, but within an informal setting. We are a relatively small, but growing company with about 25 employees. You will get a lot of freedom and flexibility at Omnidots. You will work internally in a small tech team, with freelancers and external stakeholders. Partially working from home is a possibility.

We think it is important that project-based work becomes more of a standard within Omnidots, and therefore you will ensure excellent planning and bear final responsibility for the final product produced. It is important to note that you are not a manager who manages people. The thing you manage is the project and process itself. The teams are self-managing as much as possible. It’s a jack-of-all-trades job with a clear mission. The entire organization has a consensus on a goal and the way to approach it regarding the new or improved product.

Our Engineering Processes

We provide IoT products for measuring environmental influences at construction sites. We are continuously working on improving existing and developing new products (hardware and software). We’re looking for someone who can coordinate this process well and is hands-on with the technology.

Our Hiring Process

First Interview: Call with HR

Second Interview: Technical interview

Third Interview: Assessment

Fourth Interview: Meet the team/Colab

Hybrid Workplace
Competitive Salary
Free schooling, based on your needs.
any opportunities for growth, because we are a growing organization.
Good benefits, such as pension without contribution, travel allowance and extra vacation days.
A lot of freedom and flexibility to organize your own work. Very easy to combine with a (busy) private life.
If you like, you can participate in fun online and offline events, such as dinners at restaurants, game nights and other staff activities.
Tech Stack

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