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Obox is Elementor’s only external development company, helping them realize their dream of creating the best website building platform in the world. Our team has helped Elementor build most of their biggest features to date, including the Loop Builder, WooCommerce widgets, Nested tabs and more.

Why Work For Us

Everyone on our team has levelled up exponentially as we push the boundaries of our ability to deliver an incredible product for Elementor.

We are a team of enthusiasts who care about the best product and want the best for one another.

Our Culture

Working with Obox is the definition of working in a team, we help one another solve problems, we engage with positive debates when finding solutions. Everyone on our team is passionate about building the best product to the highest standard possible.

We value transparency, communication and trust within our team.

Our Engineering Processes

We work closely not only with our tech leans but also managers to ensure that we are building exactly the product that is needed.

Every task requires automated testing and a mind map before it is considered complete, so we push very high quality work.

Our Hiring Process

You'll will have a 30 minute call directly with Marc at Obox to assess if we have a culture fit and see how we get on.

We have a second call with our technical lead which covers development-centric questions relating to PHP, JavaScript and SASS

Finally, there's a call with the Elementor team, who will ask some more technical questions and questions regarding working in a team.

The interview process can take up to a week to complete depending on schedules.

A good impression is made by showing some previous work via a Github profile and explaining why you're passionate about building products.

We are so looking forward to hearing from candidates 🚀

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