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What we do

Nile is an e-commerce plaform that is transforming the way food is traded across Africa. We see a future where Africa’s food producers can access the markets with the biggest need for their products. By integrating regional food systems, we aim to make nutritious food more accessible to consumers across the continent and beyond.

Our digital solutions solve issues inherent to food trading including price discovery, quality verification, payments and traceability. Our flagship product is a B2B marketplace which connects food producers to markets with the biggest need for their produce. Nile aims to increase income of producers and make food more affordable to consumers. Learn more at nile.ag/about

How it's going

With more than 7 Million kg of fresh produce traded on Nile within the first 9 months since our MVP Launch Nile has become the largest online platform for fresh produce in Southern Africa overnight. On the seller side we already serve some of the largest farms in the southern hemisphere as well as small scale producers. On the buyer side we supply large listed retailers as well as small independent rural traders.

To build on our early success we are now growing the team exponentially and expanding across the African continent. As a new hire you will help us during this next phase as we:

  • Scale our payment systems across many jurisdictions including advanced credit, prepaid and EFT payments in many currencies.
  • Continue to improve the performance, UX and feature set of our marketplace across backend, mobile and desktop with a world class experience for buyers large and small. For example: PWAs for live push notifications as the market prices are moving (frontend), improvements to our event driven microservices architecture (backend) and more.
    • Strengthen our complex logistics systems including predictive models and the APIs and interface to interact with them to best support our sellers of all shapes and sizes.
    • Work on our R&D initiatives including Computer Vision based quality control to better include small scale farmers, IoT devices in our hubs to support the quality control systems, price and supply prediction based on the data we gather from our market and external sources and more.

Why Work For Us

You will be one of our first full time developers working directly with our CTO and other Co-Founders. You will be part of a cross-functional and highly motivated team with contributors including product owners, designers, Go developers and TypeScript developers. You will be able to work remotely from anywhere within the Africa, EU or Near East timezone.

We are building a high-performing team that is passionate about transforming Africa’s food systems. Our founding team combines experience in E‑commerce, Finance and Software Development at world leading companies - including Amazon, JP Morgan, and Luno.

Our Culture

We strive to be a passionate, open and honest team. We understand that our success depends on a culture that supports and motivates our people. We are prioritising hiring a diverse group of people, and creating a culture where their perspectives influence & improve our products.

From day one and as our team grows we are committed to building a world class team, and an environment where every member of the team feels comfortable giving feedback, learning from, and teaching any other Niler. We want to be a team that cares about one another, and cares about our customers.

Finally you will be an early team member, and you will be able to help shape our culture according to what type of company you want to work for.

Our Engineering Processes

We run weekly planning sessions based on a kanban workflow. Code is shipped via continuous integration and continuous delivery, deploying to production (in GCP) every single day. As a startup you will be able to see the direct impact your code has on our customers and the industry. You will also have the opportunity to influence the direction of the company, and our codebase over time, building deep domain knowledge. Many of the problems we are solving require solutions not found on Google; so we’re looking for developers who who are excited about solving unique problems and building that kind of strong experience.

We are proudly a remote first product team. All of our processes are optimised for distributed & asynchronous communication. We use rich documents and proposals (Notion), which alongside code review (GitHub) provides the foundation that a) keeps our distributed developers on the same page, and b) provides robust avenues for new ideas from the entire team, taking advantage of our diversity. We supplement this with Slack as tool for group updates (not instant messaging to avoid message fatigue). Despite this emphasis on asynchronous principles we have a lot to talk about regularly, especially as an early stage startup, so we maintain core hours (10:00 - 16:00 SAST) and have video calls when needed (Google Meet/Slack). We also ideally try and get the entire team together in person for a week or two at least once a year, in our experience this connection helps a great deal in facilitating the remote communication that happens the rest of the time.

Our Hiring Process

  1. 30min intro call - here we make sure your needs and expectations align with what we can offer.
  2. 45min interview - here we get more details on the items listed in your CV to gauge your level of knowledge.
  3. Choose a) 45min problem solving interview or b) take home test - here we gauge how easy it will be to communicate with you, learn from you and teach you things.

That's it! Note that all interviews are conducted over video call.

Learning opportunities in early stage startup
Influence team and codebase direction
Fully remote first team
Flexible hours within timezone
Work laptop provided
See remote teammates at company events
Fast growing company
Stable industry with international outlook
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Google App Engine




Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps
Iterate on direct feedback from clients in the B2B space, delivering value directly to some of the largest food producers in the world.
Help build a cross-border business with opportunities for growth across the continent and beyond.