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NPAW is the leading video intelligence company helping major online media services make smarter data-driven decisions to grow. A global leader in its space, NPAW has a decade of experience developing groundbreaking and scalable analytics solutions to optimize performance and user engagement to build media experiences that maximize revenue.

We design tailored apps that provide advanced visibility of platform performance, audience behavior, advertising and content efficiency in real-time to support informed, strategic and data-driven decisions. NPAW serves more than 155+ video services and processes over 100billion plays per year worldwide.

Established in 2008 by founders of video streaming service RakutenTV, it has offices in Barcelona, New York and Hong Kong with teams throughout the world.

For more information, visit www.npaw.com

Our Culture

Forward-thinking, aware, original thinkers and inquisitive. As technology grows fast every day, we aim to continually improve our products, keep creating and inventing new things.

We are trustworthy, credible, and committed to excellence. We are always motivated to give the best of ourselves.

Approachable, flexible, and adaptive. Everyone is different, and so we would like to keep it that way.

We are passionate, enthusiastic, inspirational and optimistic and... nice! These are the drivers of our organization, we love what we do, and we try to transmit it on our work.

Together, we’re building cutting-edge technology that leads a fast-growing industry.

Careers: https://careers.npaw.com/

Our interview process has the following stages:

The First step is a short screening call with HR

The Second step is a technical assessment. Straight after this will be a technical interview based on the assessment. This session will be approximately 4 hours so you need to ensure they have sufficient time. The nice thing about this is we move really fast and can make a decision on the same day.

The Third Step will be an offer

If you need any additional information on our interview process, please reach out to us directly. Alternatively, please take a look at our careers page to get to know us better.

Hybrid Work Environment
Flexible work schedule
23 days of holidays per year
Permanent contract
Competitive salary
Access to continuous training
Free lunch at the office
International & multicultural team
An amazing technological challenge
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