About Nexus Data (Pty) Ltd



South Africa

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What we do

Nexus Data is a leading IT company located in South Africa, specializing in the provision of personalized advisory services to deliver comprehensive data solution delivery strategies, frameworks, and governed technical platforms. Our services span across various sectors including Information Technology & Services, Computer Programming, Software, Professional Services, Computers, E-commerce, Technology, Consulting & Professional Services, B2B, B2C, SAAS, and Enterprise.

Why Work For Us

Working at Nexus Data provides an opportunity to be part of a dynamic and innovative team that is reshaping the IT landscape. We're a growing company, founded in 2020, with an estimated annual revenue of $1M-$10M. Despite our rapid growth, we remain committed to maintaining a start-up spirit, encouraging innovation, and providing our employees with the resources they need to excel.

Our Culture

At Nexus Data, we believe in fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and transparency. We are a team of 10 dedicated professionals who are passionate about leveraging technology to solve complex business problems. We value diversity and believe that our inclusive culture contributes to our success.

Our Engineering Processes

Our engineering processes are designed to ensure predictable turnaround times and reduce time to delivery. We utilize a range of tech tools such as Microsoft Exchange Online, Outlook, WordPress, Microsoft Office 365, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Recaptcha to drive our processes. We also prioritize a process-first delivery approach to ensure quality and efficiency.

Our Hiring Processes

Our hiring process is thorough and designed to identify candidates who are a great fit for our team. We look for talented individuals who are passionate about technology and have a desire to make a significant impact in the IT industry. If you're ready for a challenging but rewarding career, we invite you to join us at Nexus Data.