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  • Early-stage startup hiring skilled engineers and designers.
  • Venture-backed, second-time analytics SaaS founding team.
  • Remote-first, based in Pacific Time (UTC-8) to Eastern European Time (UTC+3), with quarterly in-person off-sites.
  • We are making data more accessible and collaborative—a super tough and rewarding challenge!
  • Work with us to reimagine how people can work with data, and create a new category of data tools at the intersection of productivity tools and tools for thought.

About us

Our mission is to make data more accessible.


We’re building a new way to interact with data.

Compared to other tools we’ve used, Neon is faster, more visual, more fluid, and more collaborative. It’s also fun to use—people in our closed alpha call it “addictive”.

We’re working with a handful of design partners who are giving us feedback so we can craft the best product we can.


David, Alex, and Ross have worked together for seven years, including at Cape Networks (David and Ross were co-founders). Cape was a beautifully designed analytics SaaS tool that made it easy for IT people to understand their network performance. Aruba Networks acquired Cape to be the face of their cloud software portfolio, and it became their fastest growing product.

Now, we’re taking every lesson we’ve learned—about how to bring lots of data to life and how to build a company—to solve a broader problem that we’ve had throughout our careers as analysts, engineers, PMs, and managers.

Here’s what you might find exciting


Imagine if every worker on earth could make better decisions, faster.

Helping people make sense of data can have an incredible, compounding impact across every team in every organisation in every part of the world.

Break new ground

The most popular data tools haven’t evolved much in the last 15 years. Advances in cloud-based data warehouses, data modeling and metrics, fast databases, and generative AI mean the time is ripe to reimagine what is possible and build something significantly better.

Hard problems

  • How to design a user interface that is powerful for expert data analysts and also accessible to more people?
  • How to decrease interaction latency to sub-150ms even for >100M record datasets for multiple users around the world?
  • How to ship fast without breaking things?

There’s more where those came from… :)


We all do our best, work as a team and have each others’ backs, take initiative, and have low egos. Here’s more about our culture.

Recently funded

We’ve raised money from great investors, including ones who’ve supported us before. We’re happy to share more details on a call.


  • Front-row seat at an extremely ambitious company—things will change a lot.
  • Potential for significant personal growth in a short period of time.
  • Autonomy and responsibility. Minimal bureaucracy.
  • Opportunity to make a tangible impact on the company’s success. Work with us to shape:
    • Our company culture
    • Our design and engineering practices
    • The people we hire
    • The product

Tools and tech

  • Daily tools: Linear, Slack, Zoom, Cron, Figma, Notion
  • Tech stack: React, Typescript, Python, GitHub, Sentry, DataDog, BigQuery, dbt

If this resonated with you, we’d love to chat.

Flexible working hours
No clock watching
Quarterly team meetups wordlwide
No dress code, come as you are
Solve challenging problems & learn as you go
Full or hybrid remote work
Build something you and our customers will love
Latest high spec Mac
Tech Stack

Application and Data

AI Platform
Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services


VS Code

Business Tools

Google Apps