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LaunchLab, Hammanshand Road, Stellenbosch

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We are a Start-Up engaged in the extremely rapid development of frontier Nano Technologies, requiring the assembly of the best available infrastructure, equipment, systems and people.
Our existing team is small, undergoing considerable evolution and is populated by exceptional people from a diversity of scientific and engineering backgrounds. Our team is in pursuit of clearly defined strategic objectives, the attainment of which require the mentality and aptitude of personnel to be of a materially agile nature. We are deeply team centric, exclusively meritocratic and have no latitude for passengers of any sort.
Decision-making is uniquely speedy and our rate of activities and progress likely most challenging to emulate, anywhere in the World.
Our objective is to forge the leading global enterprise in our technical field and to be the vanguard in the development of a new technological offering to our customers.
Growth prospects are considerable.

Future Study Opportunities
Superb Working & Living Environment
Travel & Future Relocation Opportunities
Meritocracy & Recognition
No Micro Management - Outputs Driven - Sink or Swim
Equipment Provided
Elite Culture
No Politics - No Nonsense
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