About Namlog Logistics


54 Road No 5, Brentwood, Benoni

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What we do

Namlog is a Logistics company with a 20 year track record of providing custom Logistics solutions to our customers. We do distribution for some of the biggest brands in the automotive industry. We also serve the Mining industry by moving anything from nails to earth moving equipment.

Our solutions department is responsible for creating and maintaining systems that enhances customer interaction, speeds up freight handling at our hubs, keep record of freight movements, ensures accurate data processing and lastly ensures billing is streamlined.

We primarily do everything on Microsoft platforms and technologies from our tool stack DevOps, Github and Visual studio to our SQL server, Windows server technologies. Other exiting tech employed are RabitMQ, Maui, Blazor, .Net, API and more.

Why Work For Us

Namlog is now party of the SMSA group of logistics companies with our HQ in Saudi Arabia. After exceptional growth over 20 years on our own we are exited of what we can achieve being part of a global group spanning over the middle east to the far east and Europe and Now also proudly Africa.

Our Team has something to prove and when we do only the Skye is the limit of where we can go. This is not your typical high street environment but be assured the solutions you help put on the table has wings beyond accounting principles, statistics and and endless data mining. Our applications are confronting machines that automate our business and it is on the road with our drivers and in the warehouses of our customers.

Our Culture

Our Dev Team works Hybrid. We need to understand that a logistics company is mostly operational and work 24 hours a day from freight handling late at night to drivers being on the road 24/7.
We get to enjoy our privileges because our systems work without failing.

Our Engineering Processes

Over time we have worked on a process that suits our business and our engineers. The Agile principle of people and working solutions over documentation and processes is something we strive for.

Our Hiring Process

Me , my boss and your notice period is all that stands in our way of starting a great new relationship

Continuous learning through short cources.
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure
.NET Core


New Relic
Azure DevOps
Visual Studio

Business Tools

Microsoft Teams