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25 Quantum Street, Technopark, Stellenbosch

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Our History

The Moonstone Group of Companies consists of: "Moonstone Compliance (Pty) Ltd", "Moonstone Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd", "Moonstone Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd" and the "Moonstone Business School of Excellence (Pty) Ltd".

All four companies are subsidiaries of "Moonstone Information Refinery (Pty) Ltd".

MIR has a proud heritage and was started by industry pioneers Hjalmar Bekker and Jansie Moolman back in 2000.

Since the inception of the Moonstone Group of companies, we have set a very high standard for the delivery of training, compliance, licensing and examination services to the financial services industry.

The group has positioned itself as an industry leader, well-known for delivering professional compliance, regulatory risk management and licensing solutions to its clients.

We have over the years become synonymous with quality service that our clients can rely on. Our continued quest for excellence is a product of our values and ethics driven organisational culture.

Moonstone Software Solutions was founded in 2018 in a direct response to the increasing demand for software solutions in the Governance, Risk Management and Compliance space.

The company's first product offering has already achieved major successes in a very short period of time.

Moonstone Compliance and Risk Management’s respected standing may be attributed to its unique composition of experienced Compliance Officers and support staff with diverse legal and financial advisory backgrounds. This knowledge asset, coupled with the company’s innovative approach to integrating the latest compliance practices into its services, will continue to see compliant and satisfied clients.

What we do

"Moonstone Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd" is a new start-up company within the group.

MSS Mission Statement:
“To Revolutionize the way people, do Governance, Risk Management and Compliance”

MSS currently offers one software solution i.e. the “Fit & Proper Manager”.

The Fit & Proper Manager is a web-based application for managing the Fit & Proper competency life cycle of Key Individuals, Representatives and Sole Proprietors.

The Fit & Proper Manager solution was developed for organisations that are required to be registered as Financial Services Providers (i.e. FSPs).

In terms of regulations governing the rendering of financial services, FSPs are required to ensure that relevant staff members comply with legislated Fit & Proper requirements. The software solution offered by MSS enable authorised users to record, assess and monitor these requirements.

The Fit & Proper Manager solution is unique in that it also functions as a compliance tool. Relevant reports indicate whether the FSP’s Key Individuals and/or Representatives are compliant, not-compliant or required to work under supervision.

The software solution also offers a unique opportunity for integrating the services offered by the whole Moonstone Group of Companies.

The software solution allows FSPs to demonstrate to the Regulator that it has evaluated, assessed and reviewed the competency levels of its Staff Members.

By doing so, the FSP is ultimately contributing towards the Regulator’s mandate which is to “…. enhance and support the efficiency and integrity of financial markets and to protect financial customers by promoting their fair treatment by financial institutions….”.

Why Work For Us

Moonstone is the type of company that will make you feel self-motivated, content and satisfied with your job. You will experience job stability, career growth and a comfortable work life balance.

You will work in a motivated team that makes use of the latest technology in order to achieve business outcomes.

Our Culture

Work hard and play hard.

Technopark (where the main Moonstone office is situated) is a hub of technology and innovation. It has a University campus type atmosphere with magnificent mountain views and beautiful surroundings.

We are a easy-going clan that play to win.

Our Engineering Processes

We follow an agile Kanban methodology with weekly deployment releases.

Daily Dev team stand-up meetings keep the project on course.

Our Hiring Process
- Initial screening of candidates

  • 1st Interview

  • completion of practical exercise

  • review & outcome of practical exercise

  • outcome of personal profile test

  • offer letter (or decline email if unsuccessful)