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Meteor Wallet is a simple and secure crypto wallet to manage your assets, access Defi, and explore the NEAR blockchain. Our vision is to be the go-to wallet that simplifies the blockchain within one super wallet app.

Why blockchain and why NEAR?

Blockchain technology has unlocked the ability for society to accelerate the momentum toward a more consumer-led world through decentralizing control and ownership.

NEAR is a smart contract blockchain with high growth potential from a strong team, institutional backing, and a sound strategic approach to accelerate web3 adoption (fast, cost-effective, scalable, interoperable, and dev/user-friendly). NEAR has a laser focus on the two core problems of today’s blockchains — Usability and Scalability.

Meteor has successfully raised a seed round that has been supported by the NEAR foundation, ex-NEAR team members, strategic funds, and leading projects within the NEAR ecosystem.

Working with our team

Our team needs to be willing to work on any facet across the app development landscape (web and mobile), and if one of us encounters something they are not familiar with- we expect that they have the will and versatility to learn and adapt on the job.

Clear communication is key, especially being a remote operation- we learn from each other, or learn new things together, and should never be afraid to start a conversation or ask questions to further our goals.

It's very important to us that this ethos is embraced and understood (even before applying), and that whoever may apply is keen and able to take on a constant flow of new challenges in a transparent and collaborative fashion. We also understand that software development has its nuances and difficulties- we are realistic in our expectations of each other as well.

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