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9 Munton Rd, Morninghill, Johannesburg, 2007

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What we do

Mergemega is a one-on-one consultant marketplace that brings leads to business through AI & video streaming.
Developers work will include developing and maintaining AI programmes
Build systems that monetize & edit video

Develop systems that will make it easier for users to connect with each other
Make our streaming page more engaging.

Why Work For Us

We're looking for 2 amazing Back-End Software Developer contributors for the long-term, and we're willing to invest in you.
You will help us disrupt the industry we compete in! We want everyone in the world to have a consultant. Furthermore as part of the new team you’ll be giving out Mergemega shares. You'll be part of a team that's changing the way businesses work.

Our Culture

We want to build a work environment that encourages people to take risks, to be dauntless and respectful of others. I'm sure if you're reading this you've heard of the PayPal mafia. Well those are the types of people we want to build mergemega.com with. Mergemega will be a very competitive, fun and challenging place to work at. We'll constantly test our creativity, our productiveness and on how much change we can bring into the world.
From next year we'll be having Hackathon Fridays twice a month. During those days everyone will be encouraged for one day to work on their own ideas that can improve the company but don't worry, price money, recourse and trading share will be an option when that time comes.

Our Engineering Processes

Step 1 . Each developer is briefed about their tasks, purpose of their tasks. Then they are given 24 hours to review the task to examine if they have the ability to do or not.

Step 2. If the developer is unable to do the tasks he will she will pass it on to someone who is more comfortable with completing the tasks. Developers are then expected to share the review with the group leader.

Step 3. Developers are then given a SCRUM file & suggestions on how to complete the task faster. And they also given deadlines of when to complete the task.

Step 4. Deadlines for each individual will be available on Trello. Project will be built, configured and debugged on AWS CodeStar Teams. Publishing updated will be handled by Peter, the CEO.

Step 5. The website updates are then launched using AWS.

Our Hiring Process

Step 1. Candidates are shortlisted. The candidates receive an email about the company's culture, short term objectives, market analysis, value proposition and what they can expect if they were to get the job.

Step 2. A zoom Interview is scheduled to get to know more about the candidate. The candidate will also get to express their view regarding what they think the company should implement moving forward and what the brand can do better then current competitors.

Step 3. Another short listed is created

Step 4. Candidates will be required to complete 1 tests in one day. They will be briefed on the tests 24 hours prior through an email that will have the necessary document. The test will be designed into 3 sections to examine skills, personality and culture. The test will be completed in our office

Step 5: 2 days after the test a confirmation of employment email will be sent to the 2 selected candidates.

Company Equity
Remote Working
Catered daily lunch
Hackathon Fridays (Work on new ideas)
Health and Wellbeing Membership
Free snacks and drinks
Tech Stack

Application and Data



Android Studio
Team Foundation Server


Amazon Route 53
Amazon SES
Google Analytics
Power BI

Business Tools

Google Apps