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Sir Lowry Rd, Zonnebloem, Cape Town

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What we do

Mama Money is an innovative, rapidly growing tech company and the world’s first Social Business Money Transfer Operator.

Mama Money provides a cool, modern, safe and low-cost way for migrants to send money home to support their families. Rather than looking at profit-maximisation, let’s see how we can directly assist people who don’t earn a lot. Mama Money is designed to help African and Asian migrants, who left their homes and their community in search of better opportunity, contribute better and more directly to their families survival and development.

The money sent home is mostly used for food, medicine, housing and children’s education. Therefore, if less money gets stuck with the money transfer operator, more money arrives in the pockets of people who really need it. It's really that simple: Lower money transfer fees will lead to better nutrition, better health care, better accommodation and ultimately, a brighter future.

While our social business ethics forms our core identity, our technology forms the basis of our operations. We are a tech company, providing a service that people really need. It’s not a luxury product like video games or rating shoe designs on the internet. Mama Money uses the advances in modern technology to provide a purposeful and low-cost money transfer solution.

Being a financial service platform that provides a fairly priced, fast, reliable and easy-to-use solution to thousands of financially unserved foreign nationals, means that we get to make a real difference in our customers’ lives. This platform is constantly evolving and expanding in new directions so that we can reach more people and provide them with an increasing set of bespoke financial services to help manage their money more effectively.

In light of our global humanitarian and financial crises, let’s leave greed behind us. Let’s use the human, financial and technology resources we have to create a better world.

Why Work For Us

For the git stars, obviously.

But seriously, if you're looking to join a small team of developers that have a big impact on the direction of the company, you can really make a difference here. We need innovative, creative thinkers that are not afraid to get their hands dirty and build something awesome.

Our Culture

Imagine casual, now take your socks off. Lekker.

We keep things really informal in the office but at our core, we are dealing with people's money and that means we are serious about results and quality.

We offer our employees as many perks as we can (free coffee, free daily lunch, baked goods on occasion, table tennis & foosball, showers, flexible working hours, email us for the complete list) to make your life as comfortable as possible. We want you to do good work, and look good doing it.

Silliness optional, but definitely recommended.

Our Engineering Processes

If it works*, it goes into production.

* Tested and reviewed to ensure business requirements have been met. As we mentioned before, we are dealing with money and have to ensure quality.

Our Hiring Process

Come round for a coffee and a technical interview with some of our devs. If we both swipe right, we'll get together for a lunch or dinner and have an informal chat to see whether we're going to take things to dev room.

Table Tennis & Foosies
Water Restricted Showers
Cape Town!
Free Coffee!
Sick Insties of Table Mountain
Catered daily lunch
Helping peeps
Fully loaded kitchen to make your own breakfast
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon s3
Amazon S3
Amazon ec2
Amazon EC2


Apache maven


Google analytics
Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google apps
Google Apps

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