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Lumina Health is a collaboration of specialists committed to the treatment of pain and improvement of the quality of life of those living with pain. We provide expert opinion and evidence-based educational products and professional services designed to establish a holistic, patient-centric approach to acute, perioperative, chronic, and cancer pain management.
We exist to replace frequently used and sometimes outdated approaches to pain management with modern and up-to-date holistic, patient- and family-centered care.

By providing practitioners with access to educational products for continuous learning, modern tools and services, and a global community of pain management experts we help them improve patient treatment outcomes and quality of life and advance their practices.

Our product eco-system also pairs patients with participating practitioners who are devoted to the treatment of pain, while also giving them the latest, most relevant information they need to navigate their pain management journey.

Why Work For Us

At Lumina Health, you will be part of a team that is challenging the status-quo in pain management. You’ll work on ways to introduce practitioners and patients to modern pain treatment care plans, some of which contrast with current opioid-based treatments.

You’ll build cutting-edge and world-first diagnostic tools, which will streamline practice workflows and improve outcomes for patients living with pain.

You will help to build fast, secure, and patient-empowering applications that both guide patients and practitioners through innovative care plans and gather data to inform further interventions.

You will also be on the revolutionary edge of medical tech, by working on Lumina Health’s medical devices. Designed to improve treatment outcomes by being more effective and accessible than existing devices, our devices are also architected in such ways as to shorten research and implementation times.

Our Culture

At Lumina, we are people first. It’s the team that matters most.

We believe in empowering our people to do great things and to grow in their own unique capabilities, to be self-starters, and to take a disciplined approach to self-management.

Aside from our collective passion for improving the state of pain management and health care in general, we consider ourselves fortunate to work in a company that is solving some of the world’s most pressing health care challenges.

Our Engineering Processes

We work in an agile methodology, with two-week sprints. Our team is dynamic and features collaborations between platform (tech), equipment, content, and marketing teams to define feature sets and work priorities.

Our Hiring Process

We will schedule a brief introduction call between you and our engineering lead, which will be followed by a technical interview and/or take-home assignment.

If you would like to meet more members of the team and our CEO, we’d love to schedule a meeting for you to do so.

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