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LifeCheq is an OfferZen partner committed to building a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

LifeCheq is invested in developing the local tech community.

Tech fluency is key to future-proofing your career

You don’t need to be a computer programmer to get ahead in the future world of work, but you do need to gain a level of proficiency in understanding and using technology.

Filling gaps in your skillset: How to go about learning and upskilling yourself

“Bootstrapping your idea” is a series of 6 articles by serial entrepreneur and LifeCheq client Nic Haralambous. Nic has to date started 8 separate businesses, including a social network, a campus newspaper, a retail fashion company and, at one point, a rock band. In this amusing and insightful series, written exclusively for LifeCheq, he shares the most important lessons he has taken away from both his successes and failures. A must-read for the aspirant entrepreneur, or anyone who wants to take their passion project to the next level.

Your Future Career is African

The world is changing and the future is not Western: The change begins just around the corner.


Who we are

LifeCheq is a service that helps you organise your finances to line up with your life goals. This starts with a clear plan that includes what investments you should make, what you can afford to spend on assets (such as property) and important expenses (such as education), and what insurance it makes sense for you to have at this stage of life.
Then, we help you put that plan into action. We’ll fill in forms, chase up product providers, check that you aren’t being given a bum deal on your insurance and keep track of what you should be doing. We’ll also make sure that, as things change, we update our recommendations so you don’t need to worry and can get on with living your life.

Led by our passion for the Fin-Tech industry, we help clients link their goals and values to an actionable roadmap, as well as support them to achieve these goals. And we’d like your help.

Check out a bit more at http://lifecheq.co.za

The systems we’re building

Our service is only made possible by applying the latest technology to the problem of how people plan and manage their financial lives.

We pick and integrate the best existing services for parts of the business which are done well by others and building up and deploy our own IP for the specific areas where it matters most.

Our systems play a central role right from when a potential client first signs up. Meetings with our consultants are scheduled, financial data is collected and a client’s goals are captured. Our advice team use our tools to model and project a client’s life into the future, adjusting the advised actions to best achieve the client's goals and presenting all this back to them in a way that is understandable and digestible.

The client then uses our app to make decisions and kick off tasks for our processing team that pulls the required information together in order to complete financial product applications. All along the way, relevant parties such as consultants, product providers and the clients themselves are kept up to date with progress.

Our system has frontends written in Clojurescript using reagent/re-frame with our backend spread across firebase and in-house web services written in Clojure and hosted on Heroku. We make use of third party services such as mailgun, sentry, logentries and auth0 to add their packaged functionality.

Join us in revolutionizing the FinTech industry, we look forward to meeting you!

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